This is a quick and easy side dish to complete any meal!

1 zucchini chopped into dimes
2 pinches of chili powder
2 pinches of sea salt
spray Pam or splash of olive oil
2 Tablespoons of Pine Nuts

Heat the pan on med-high and spray
Lay the slices of zucchini around in the pan, until they brown
Sprinkle with sea sale and chili powder
Flip carefully, and toss in the pine nuts, sprinkle with remaining sea salt and chili powder
Let sit again for a few minutes until the other sides browns (you choose how toasty you like them)
Then toss for a few minutes to help the pine nuts full toast


(I was meaning to take a picture but the man of the house got to the dish before the camera did πŸ˜‰ Next Time

xo In HEalth,

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