When I start training twice a day, I try to include some relaxing time or active recovery, as some like to call it.  I use this time to treat my body to a nice stretch, mental break or time off pounding weights and cardio.

I took a yoga class a little while ago and fell in love with it!  I was still breaking a serious sweat, but I knew my body was enjoying this gentle workout.

Alot of gym clubs now have group fitness classes which are a mix of yoga, tai chi, pilates..etc…There is some gyms that offer this as a part of your membership, but others are special 10 or 14 week classes in a studio environment that require a fee.  Either are a GREAT option.  I say to test out a few different studios though to make sure you jive with the teacher/trainer, the class room and the style of the class.  When doing ‘relaxing’ work-outs and you are paying for it… you want to make sure it matches YOU.  That being said, some times I enjoy doing these active recovery workouts in the quite of my own home, with candles lit around me, and soft music playing in the background.  I have a warm lemon water to sip on beside me, the baby is tucked away for the night, and hubby is out taking the dog for a walk.  This is ME time.  I was able to find some yoga gear items to add to my at home min-gym.  This was the affordable way for our family to still do some Yoga or Pilates DVD’s in the privacy of our own home, and allows me to do this if I cant break away for a workout because of my baby sleeping.

What ways to you get your relax-workout on?

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