If you are a mom, you face stress.  The stress of life, being a mommy, trying to keep your house in order, all the while trying to stay  healthy.  These stresses can weigh on you, literally.

Did you know that stress increases your cortisol levels which also can result it it being difficult for you to lose weight.?

Studies have demonstrated a direct association between cortisol levels and calorie intake in populations of women. (1)

But another thing that happens during a stressful time is your digestive system also becomes stressed.  Meaning basically your digestive system stops functioning the way it should.

A common thing I hear from moms is that they just want to lose the last bit of baby weight.  BUT they have no time for themselves and they are stressed about money, their family… you name it!

So even if these moms are trying to eat right, something is still missing.  That something is time for themselves to de-stress. 

So here are my mommy tips to reduce your stress that will not take a lot of time away from your family.


It does not have to be at the gym, just move! In the summer set up an obstacle course for you and the kiddies.  Go for a walk, or race your children around the park. It is quality time with your kids and you can make it your own secret workout



Do a quick circuit in the basement or play room.  Something as simple as this:




One of moms biggest concerns is eating healthy and the tendency to either grab something quick that is NOT a healthy option or eating their kids left overs!  Stop that, you are not a garbage can mommy, you need to take care of yourself and treat yourself to high energy profile foods!

Try having a yummy trail mix already on hand so that you can dip into it paired with a protein smoothie when the mid day crash hits!



You take care of a lot.  It is probably safe to say that you take care of  everyone else and everything else before you.  But that has to stop.  Even if it means a massage once a week, reading a book in the tub, or sitting down for a real meal (meaning it takes more than 2 minutes to eat) at lunch, you need to give yourself some time to decompress.  



One thing we forget about is ourselves.  We make sure our little ones get their vitamins, fruits and veggies and play time.  For some reason, mommy always comes last.  Are you taking your multi vitamin? Vitamin D? What about probiotics?  There are a few key supplements that I LOVE to see all mommies take, so that they can achieve optimal performance each day for their kids and themselves!  If stress is an issue in your life (it is is mine) then one supplement to consider is ATP  STRESSLESS.

This is why I love this supplement:

  • stresslessIt helps you to have more energy during the day (what mom doesn’t want that?!)
  • It helps you to metabolize the carbs and fats you eat to help you have more energy
  • It contains ingredients that have shown in studies to reduce cortisol exposure and perceived daily stress (2)




6. LOVE YOURSELF!DSC_2721-2-1024x678

This is the hardest one to do.  We are constantly so hard on ourselves, looking at our bodies for what they are NOT instead of what they are.  We feel bad about what we did NOT accomplish during the week, instead of what we did!  We feel like a failure for the times we mess up as a mom, in our fitness goals or at work… instead of celebrating our accomplishments (no matter how big or small).  So brush those negative vibes off and create some excitement over something you did today!

Try doing one of these six  things above every day, and celebrate that! Start a journal and note how you felt after giving yourself a little self love, time to relax, ate a healthy meal, worked out or just moved around with your kiddies. I bet it will feel darn good!

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(1) http://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarchives/111609p38.shtml

(2) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23924268

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