This week I decided to officially say, “goodbye” to Facebook.

This movement has been a long time coming.  I have talked about it, complained about it and pondered about how I would do it, finally I have done it, and I am saying “see yah later” to what has been the most controlling, relationship I have probably ever had.

If you are honest to yourself, Facebook annoys you too, and everyone I talk to, ‘wishes’ they could break up with Facebook.  

But man that BLUE F, owns us!  I have tried to remove the app from my phone, tried to swear it off, while keeping it active, and non of it worked.


You may ask me why? Won’t I miss the conversations, the pictures of my friends, their kids, the funny memes, the Facebook Chats where my friends and I pretend we are in high school sharing our drama of the day.  I am sure I will, but what I hope to achieve, and have been working very hard to do since we jumped into 2015, is be present, more aware, and create REAL relationships.  

So here are my reasons why


1. My news feed, is literally a NEWS feed

I no longer come on and see new albums (remember in 2007 when EVERYONE uploaded every single life event into an album?).  I do not see pictures, fun status updates, memories… their cats!


Now I see war, fighting, shares of news pages about robberies, murders, attacks, and deaths.  Something happens, that normally I may see once on the news, but now its a week long drawn out display of images, articles and uploads that I reminded of  by all of my friends.  

I am NOT saying everyone doesn’t deserve to share freely what they want.  I agree, and LOVE Facebook for the doors it has opened.  Im also NOT saying, I don’t care about the news, what is going on in the world or want to be aware of my surroundings.  But I am saying, that when I see all the negative posts, and ONE maybe TWO positive things, that creates mental turmoil.  And I have no control.


2. Im unfollowing way too many people

This leads into the capability I had taken advantage of un-following people.  I have done it, you have done it.  We all unfollow a person or two that we want to remain friends with but can’t handle all the things they are posting.  I am always trying to clear up my Facebook and see only positive things.  

3. I hate being bombarded with un-scientific, disproved or OLD articles, videos and images that we share.

We no longer check a dictionary, read the encyclopaedia, or books for that matter.  We see images, with “facts” on it, and share it with our followers.  


These images/websites gets re-shared a million times, and soon 100, 000 people are looking for the miracle fat loss food.  Or new rare species that has been discovered in the dead sea… or are watching for alien sightings.  

 How often do you check the source of a website article before you share it.  How often can you trust if an article is actually being written by a reputable person.  Lets be serious.  I could make a site, call it Dr. Melissa, and start posting my own articles with my own theories, and someone is bound to share and believe it.

4. I feel less educated

This matches the statement above.  I want to read books, I desire to know more to what is going on in this crazy place we call our world.  But I do not want to fill my brain with lacklustre information, again that may not have any truth behind it.  I find myself going to the Internet, when I want to make friends with my local library again.


5. I only see about 10% of what I actually desire to see

Going hand in hand with everything above.  Facebook has changed.  Now I am forced to look at ads, that are basically spying on my internet activity, told what pages I should like and have to see images of hurt animals that make me cry.   

6. This… need I say more



7. The mamma bear effect

This has to directly do with me.  I see so much sadness in our world, and as if I don’t already get sick to my stomach every time my toddler jumps on her bead, and cringe every time my son tries to show me skate board stunts.  But now I read about every death, disease, and bad thing that is happening in our society, that I fear those things now too.  I find myself trying to skip past an article someone shares on their page, but then the mom in my head goes..”What if that happens to my kids.. you  better go back and read it to make sure you know every sign and symptom”.. then I read it, and I am not satisfied, “well now you better scoure the internet for more information…” 20 wasted minutes later, I either feel more frustrated or better that I know all the facts.  Its usually the first of the two.

8. The negative impact on my day, week, mind, thoughts…etc


I have time and time again, been having an amazing day with my kids, family, friends etc.  I decide (foolishly) to make a quick pit stop in on my Facebook, and regret it for hours, days and some times the week.  I have seen some of the worst disasters, attacks, and crazy events laid in front of my eyes on Facebook, and as I said before, the posts about some of these things can drag on for days.  A happy day, then turns into a sad one. I have always hated that weird mental control that Facebook has had over me, and how it creepishly can enter into my family life and effect the mood of the moment.


So that is it.  What are my plans now.  In only 4 days of not actually using my Facebook I have felt more present in the moment, more aware of what is going on around me.  I read a book instead of scrolling my feed, and the most important feeling of all.. I feel SO liberated!

You should try it, I swear its amazing



2 comments on “Why I said “goodbye” to #Facebook”

  1. I identify with all of the above! Something clicked in me the other day when I thought about things I felt guilty about and realized a lot stemmed from things I saw on fb. :S
    Thanks for the great post!

    • Thanks so much! It is crazy when you realize how much FB can actually effect your day right! Glad you liked the post.xo Melissa

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