What is a food intolerance?

“Food intolerance or non-allergic food hypersensitivity is a term used widely for varied physiological responses associated with a particular food, or compound found in a range of foods.
Food intolerance is negative reaction, often delayed, to a food, beverage, food additive, or compound found in foods that produces symptoms in one or more body organs and systems, but it is not a true food allergy. A true food allergy requires the presence of IgE antibodies against the food, and a food intolerance does not.”
So how can you tell if you have a food intolerance?
Firs of all it can be hard at times to determine the offending food, as opposed to a food allergy where you would get an immediate reaction, the causing agent could create a symptom any where from 1hour to 48 hours after consuming it.

The symptoms can be connected to skin/respiratory (breathing) and Gastrointestinal Tract (tummy)


Why should you know about this?

Food intolerance can do a number on YOU and your immune system.  If you are constantly eating foods your body does not like, your immune system is under attack it cannot do things properly, and you cannot recover, rest, assimilate nutrients… the list goes on.
If you have kiddies who have a bloated belly, either really tired or really hyper there could be food sensitivies there.  Its totally worth the look.
Please read this article:

Here are the ways that you can notice a shift after removing intolerant foods:

  • More noticable energy
  • Able to stay up later at night
  • More stable moods
  • Wanting to be active again
  • Patience increased
  • Tummy bloat GONE
  • upset tummy no more
  • No more reactions and sharp pains in stomach
  • More aware of the foods surrounding you
  • natural weight loss** By eating foods that are stressing your immune system you will not digest properly, and thus may limit weight loss

How it effected our family

My son was the first to show dairy in sensitivities when we was just a baby.  He would bloat up and have a serious rash on his tummy.  The more dairy he had, the more scaley his skin became.  This was the start to us raising a vegan baby. We had him tested and it showed no results because this was not an allerfy, rather an intolerance.

Immediately upon removal he changed and to this day, he and I both can tell when he has eaten dairy.

My husband was tested after being diagnosed with MS and had a laundry list of food sensitivities.   This all was done when he was in the peak of MS symptoms creeping up on him.  We immediately found by correcting his diet he was able to control and limit all relapses or further development of his symptoms.


How do I deal with this?

Luckily this is a fairly easy answer, in a very difficult world.  Why do I say that?  You or your littles can be tested for the sensitivities by a licenses natural path.  Then you remove them and see how you benefit. You some times can even add them back in slowly after a time away to let your gut heal.

The problem is in a world of additives and hidden ingredients lurking in our foods, it means a lot of times you need to go back to grass roots eating. Whole, unprocessed foods.

What else can I do to help?

1. Probiotics: these can help in healing your leaky gut from the damage being done by the undigested food.

2. Fish Oils: these will help you to reduce inflammation from the irritants in your body

3. B12: The needle form is best, but if you cannot do that the under the tongue tablet is next best.  This will help you to regain your energy and rebuild your levels incase you were depleting them from lack of proper digestion


If you have any questions or think food intolerance is an issue you or your babes are experiencing, please contact me!