Our toddler is in that funny blabble-glish language stage.  You know, where only mommy and daddy understand that,
    “tak yu…. baba nana muahhhhh”
Means thank you for the bottle, and he passes me the banana like I should have known better than to offer that to him while he had a bottle near him.

Dear goodness, forbid that Zions bottle felt like the banana was more important.  Our son has a very close connection to his bottle.  He will be screaming, wailing, holding his breath and the sight of me at times doesn’t even cause him to skip a beat with his wails.  But i wave a bottle near his nose and it goes from

” wahhhhhh”  …to
” wah?”……………”mah?”….

Baby conversations

(grasp bottle) and.

The eye of the storm has broken apart and my little monkey doodle is calm at the bay.  The tears have subsided and the breaths are shallow and deep.  He gulps his baba, cross legged on the couch, with a close eye on me as I corner the kitchen to make sure Im not to far, but at the same time not to close.

This is an exciting time as he is figuring out who HE is, where his head is, and why that itsy bitsy spider doesn’t go past his forehead.
He knows his toes have something to do with a song, that makes him wiggle and jiggle but they also are

He instantly becomes like Aeriel from The Little Mermaid with a sudden (un)harmonized “Ahhh Ah ahhh” as I sing a tune to him, he enjoys, with every attempt to match my vocals.
Mama and Dada are his favourite words

He gives me a head tilt with a quizative, “mahmaaa?” when blocks don’t fit… water spills on the ground or his bowl of avocado becomes bare.

Zion giving us the ‘look’, and quietly saying “heeeeppp” (help)

Don’t you ever wonder where they learn the toneation in their voice, the scrunches they make with their face, or the sighs they make at YOU!

This is priceless to me, and I look forward to the break of every day when Zion lets us know the morning has started and he needs a little assistance and a diaper change as he hollers out over his crib railings

“TinkY Mama…Tinky!!!”


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