You know when you are following someone as they are training for a marathon or a competition and all of a sudden they go MIA.  Although I may have missed a few days on my Journey to Veganism posts, dont fret.. I have been on 100%!  I cannot say Ive been dieting. because I havent! But oddly enough even with the birthday treats I feel GREAT!  Before when I would stock up on wings or burgers or a couple of hot dogs, or nachos loaded with cheese, I would not feel too happy.  And my tummy was even angrier.

 Now I know why.. the dairy in the cheese or the eggs in the wings batter were not agreeing with me.  Having allergies is never fun, living without knowing you have them is not much more fun.  I put on weight easily, and was often under adrenal stress.  That being said, taking out my allergens and meat I FEEL AMAZING!!!

Here is a look at some symptoms of a DAIRY allergy:

What Are the Possible Milk Allergy Symptoms?
A dairy allergy, like any food allergy, is capable of triggering a wide array of milk allergy symptoms. Some of the most common complaints include ear infections in children, sinusitis, heartburn/reflux, constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome. A more complete list includes:

Abdominal Pain Constipation Headaches Joint Pain
Acne Diarrhea Heartburn Lactose Intolerance
ADD/ADHD Ear Infections Indigestion Osteoporosis
Anxiety Fatigue Iron deficient anemia Poor Growth
Arthritis Fibromyalgia Irritability Poor immune function (frequent illness)
Canker sores Gas Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sinusitis

Here is a wonderful article on dairy allergy vs intolerance and some sneaky casein (a dairy protein) containing foods

So the past few days, have been really taking larger leaps into Veganism.

Day 11 was to do another fruit and veggie cleans.  Check!

I always love fruit and veggie days.  You feel much lighter, and less bogged down, without all the processed junk in your belly.

Day 12 eliminate cheese

This I have been doing for a while now.  Quite successfully actually.  The key here, is to find a suitable replacement.  We use DAIYA cheese  It is a GREAT replacement, that we have used in enchiladas and on home made nachos.  My only recommendation when making nachos is, LESS is MORE.  This cheese has a strong taste it, so you dont require as much ‘cheddar’ that you usually would use.

This sweet cheese is nice for the waist as well.

Day 13: Take a tour at your local health food store
I already have my favorites, but this forced me to check out other areas in town.  a GREAT website for specialty health stores for you to check out :

Day 14: Gather Vegan recipes

This was the MOST important part of my journey.  I didn’t know ALL the ways you can replace eggs in baking.
I made a sweet potato pie with Tofu that won my husbands heart over
I had a game plan for dinners every night with old favorites (dumpling stew, curried chickpea over quinoa, home made textured vegetable protein spaghetti sauce over rice pasta or spaghetti squash….)

These are the books Im working from right now:
   Vegan Lunch Box  ** this was the best for full baking substitutes!!*

Day 15 and 16: Try a new recipe and eliminate Fish and Seafood.

Here is the enchilada recipe that I have been RAVING about.

The journey continues… stick with me!!

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