What does this mean to you exactly, if you are a competitor or athlete?
Once you are in season, training, committed to twice a days and a diet… does this change who you are in its entirety?
Do you give up on that balance you were trying to achieve, off season? (did you accomplish that in your off season?)

I have been blessed with so many new and old friends in the fitness industry.  Whether they compete in a sport or as a figure girl or are a heavy power lifter, there is two seasons, IN, and OFF.

It seems that in season we loose ourselves to our sport or our passion.  Daily training, locking the fridge down or only filling it with plain protein and dark greens.  Forgetting our “old selves” who stopped for lattes on the way to the office, or stayed out late at the club with friends.  –>We now wake up at 5am to train, forget to call our friends back because we fell asleep at 8pm, and don’t join friendly gathers as often for the fear of the scent of a delectable food item  which may lead to diet disaster.

I am a victim of this change.  Letting go of myself time and time again, to lock myself in a four wall room that has training, diet, sleep and cardio on each wall.  That becomes my life.

If you have been following along with my blog you know I have set a few goals this year, in my journey to compete. I created a vision board to help me SEE these goals every morning I wake up.  One of my goals that I am trying quite hard this time around to achieve is BALANCE!!  Can ya say that word with me now.


If you have a passion of any sort, and it doesn’t just have to be fitness or a sport, you should understand the importance of Balance.  Even if you are an investor, a website developer, an entrepreneur, a mom, a personal trainer, a Scrap Booker .. you must have balance in your life.  Where other things, people, places and events.. STILL MATTER!

There are many different definitions of BALANCE in the dictionary, but I am going to choose this one:

mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

I chose this definition, because this is where I think we tend to loose our balance.  We lack in emotional stability because the fact that we cant eat a piece of cake is deeply upsetting to us.  We loose our mental focus because we are training so intensively, that our brain fogs over and we forget what is important.  Maybe the most important, is “habit of calm behaviour/judgment“.  We start to make irrational decisions just to get to where we want to be, and potentially forget the feelings of others, or even that there are others in our lives.

So I close with a few thoughts:

  • Make a list (especially if you fog over easily) of what and who is important to you, as you head in-season
  • With that list visualize or write down ways you will maintain contact and balance in those areas even while training or getting involved in ANY passion you may have
  • When you are loosing sight of important people/places and events around you, STOP, step back and remember that there are many years in your life, and although your passion will take dedication, it shouldn’t be at the cost of relationships
  • Balance your passion with other peoples passions, go out to a movie, visit a friend, play in the Park with your kids, what ever it is, feed other peoples passions as well.  Its very rewarding.
  • **If you see me losing balance, knock some sense back into me ;P** LOL


1 comment on “Tis the Season to be IN SEASON (are you balanced?)”

  1. I totally agree with you here Mel, how often we forget to take the time to reflect on what is most important to us. We need those around us to be that successful balanced person that we’d like to become. Don’t leave the important ones/things behind.
    You are right on target, keep going dear.


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