DO you ever feel you have a million and one sticky notes with TO DO items, dancing in your head.Β  You have committed to a handful of activities, tasks, events… you get where Im going.

I keep preaching that Im going to take things slower, calm my crazies down and mediate when I can (okay the last part Im still working on… my pregnant sister in law is committing to the meditation in yoga class on my behalf πŸ˜‰

That being said, I finally came to a point where I had to shut every thing down.Β  Its the main reason why I have been away from journaling for the last few weeks.Β  The next few weeks bring a lot of travel, and little time for me and my family.Β  This time its not the stage that is keeping me awake at night, its a distant hotel room, that Im alone in, thinking about my husbands hugs and my 16 month olds’ sloppy kisses.
Now, don’t think Im asking you to feel sorry for me, I love my job and I have opportunities that some only dream of.Β  I am blessed in so many ways with the team I work along side, some close friends I have as co-workers and the places my job takes me.. “Next Stop… Anchorage ALASKA!”

But all of the travel did make me re-align a few other areas in my life.Β  Maybe I cant get to the gym every day, twice a day like I did only 6 months ago, but now I wrap my little man around me in a sling and hit the pavement for family walks.Β  Half the intensity of cardio, but double the fun and laughs. (who am I kidding.. its rare your laughing during cardio).Β  Im in school, and it requires an almost 2 hour drive toΒ  and from class, 3 and half hour of classes, and in a week I may be gone every other DAY it removes me from my family one more night.Β  So we barred down and I started doing distance ED, so then when Im on the road I can focus on school, when Im home I can focus on.. you got it.. FAMILY..

Can I tell you I sleep better at night.Β  Im not up running through my to do list.Β  I dont get short of breath in the middle of the day, when I realize there are not enough hours to what I committed to.. and I cant get enough of my little man’s smile and laughter as I chase him around the house instead of packing upΒ  my school bags and saying good bye.
There are times in life when we put a lot of things on our plates, and we can do an AMAZING job at balancing it all… right now I dont want to balance and count down on a clock between each activity… I want to get LOST.. lost in love, family and God.. worry less, love more and heal….

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