The supplement companies have us believing that there is a magic pill, powder or drink that can make us faster, fitter or better at what we are trying to accomplish.

Truth be told, there are lots of amazing supplements that can actually help you,- paired with an already proper nutrition and training plan.  That being said, a lot of companies, know that we buy based on fads, famous people and what looks cool.  It does not mean that we actually know what is in the bottle we buy.  Seriously.

Do you know what a proprietary blend means?

It means that the company can make up the quantities of ingredients in the product in order to sell it to you.  Thus you may buy a protein powder that has only 40% absorbable protein, and the rest is high levels of other “amino acids” like glutamine or Taurine.

Let’s not act shocked, we live in a world where we are a commodity, and no company actually cares about us, and what they might be doing to us. (look at the sunscreen industry for example- they stack your cream with chemicals known to increase tumors!)

Or is that the case always?  I have recently stumbled across a brand that has a strong reputation behind it, and the papers to prove what they are selling you.

A.T.P (Athletic-Therapeutic-Pharma) is a well respected brand that makes a lot of strong promises and guarantees, and has a passion behind the bottle you buy, to make sure you see the results you are looking for, and most importantly can TRUST what you are ingesting.

As a mommy, this is important.  I am still breastfeeding and I have two little ones that love protein shakes!  So when I am looking for a protein powder, I CAN NOT just buy what is on sale, or has the most followers showing their recipes on Instagram. That is not an option. Im looking for quality, safety, taste and reputation.

Here are some things I look for in a protein powder, and ATP has met these needs for our family.  I go into it a little deeper below so YOU CAN BE AN EDUCATED CONSUMER

1. NO Gluten:

This is an obvious one for any one with celiac, IBS, or gluten intolerance.  A guarantee is needed here to ensure no reactions!

2. NO GMO:

This is still quite a controversial topic.  Obviously there is a place for science and what it can do for us. But to have genetically modified milk or protein is not something we need.  What we are concerned about here is that Cows are being injected with Growth hormone (discussed later)

“…detailed the abnormalities in milk from cows injected with the genetically modified bovine growth hormone (rBGH), commonly known as Posilac- and contains elevated levels of IGF-1, a major risk factor for breast, prostate and colon cancers.”


Do you even want that in your breast milk or  your child’s’ smoothie ? ( I can already hear you saying NO!)


The three big ticket dangers were listed above

a) Early puberty in girls

b) Increased chances of breast cancer

c) colon/ prostate cancer

These are all side effects tied to growth hormones.  So if you are drinking milk, it should be of the highest quality, and when choosing a protein powder you should –especially if you are giving it to your kids you should make sure the cow milk they use is organic.


Here is the issue.  When you are prescribed antibiotics, what does the pharmacist always say?

“Take these until they are finished”

Here is why:

If you start a dose and stop it before your doctor has instructed you to do so, you are giving remaining bacteria a chance to grow again, and since the remaining bacteria have not been completely killed, and have been “exposed” to a less than full course of antibiotics, they can now be resistant to antibiotic treatment and can multiply in your body and wreak even more havoc than they did prior to your starting the medicine.


So, the issue here with the milk protein source is that cows, being fed antibiotics, to keep them healthy in order to pump them for milk, means that the antibiotic is getting into YOUR MILK! Thus, you or your little one is only getting little doses of antibiotics, which is feared to be able to create the super bug- resistant to future antibiotic use.

Now, they are stopping in some places using the same strain of antibiotics, on humans as animals

— YES THAT IS AN ISSUE– but this is still not guaranteed.  There are farmers out there still using human strains of antibiotics because it is cheaper! WTF (I know)


A lot of moms have an internal daily battle over organic foods.  DO I spend the money, is it worth it.   I have a top list of foods I ALWAYS buy organic, but I know the costs are daunting.  That being said.  When you are nursing, or have a little one drinking or eating foods laden in pesticides, remember that what they are ingesting is much more intense in their little bodies than ours.

Want to read more: Here is a Government warning– >> http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/factsheets/kidpesticide.htm


Obviously you do not want your children stocked full of sugar, nor do you want them laced with chemical sweeteners.  This is a pain spot for me, because I actually react to any chemical sweetener, and I can feel the side effects in my face.  Thus Im very serious about keeping this out of our house.  Every one has their own place on this, but for me this is a make or break it.  People think some times they got a bad protein, but its actually the sweetener they are reacting too.


So thats my list.  I hope this helps when you do your own research.  We love the ATP brand in our home, and use it to make Peanut Butter and Jam smoothies all the time!

Click here for our recipe! http://naturallyfitmom.com/peanut-butter-jam-protein-shake-with-a-t-p/





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