If I could fight for anything, it would be the removal of the word HATE.
This strong, potent, anger filled word is the result of much despair, negativity and world issues.  Hatred against other humans, other religions, passions, beliefs, actions, choices, feelings… emotions.

Why do we hate.  Where does this word get taught in our life span and when does it become to have such meaning, that we use it in a sentence to let another person, community or organization know we do not agree with them, and even may use negative words against them.

The word HATE to me, is like a swear word.   A useless word used to replace an intelligent thought.  It replaces the need for the person using the word HATE, to think through their statements, thoughts or actions.
For instance.

I hate bananas.

Why do you not like Bananas? Is is the texture, the taste? DO you only hate them warm?  DO you like them in a smoothie but not on toast with peanut butter.  Then do you really hate them? Or only not like them in certain situations.  What if you ate a cookie, and the baker used a little banana in the cookie as a binding agent in place of eggs, and you cannot even taste the banana?  You like the cookie until you realise that there is Banana in the cookie and then you HATE it?  Does that even make sence?  Now you HATE something that a mili-second ago tasted AMAZING because you found out that there is banana in it?  Even if the Banana does not directly effect your taste buds, you hate the cookie?

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

We all have the ability to make friends, and as children you see the utmost innocence in friendships.  Two little boys will play together, build a tall building out of duplo blocks, knock them over and laugh hysterically on the floor.  They will share a glass of orange juice and split a cookie.  All the while, colour, race, religion, beliefs, social status, what they are wearing… does not matter.  But some where along the line, some one teaches them HATE.  That they don’t like people of a certain colour, that eat certain foods, that believe certain things or wear certain clothes.  This teaching of HATE places a divide in our society.  Two former best friends, now become two war warriors.  Instead of learning how to love they are learning how to gossip, place judgement, place social status on each other.  Someone, along the way taught these two children that HATE is an appropriate way to express the dislike or dis-approval for something in their life.
By using the word HATE, they no longer have to associate them selves with a person, place, food or thing… but… by using the word HATE they also do no have to have an intelligent reason WHY they don’t associate themselves with those people, places, foods or things.

Teach them to LOVE not HATE
Im not saying the word HATE should be erased, Im saying that if you are going to use this word, there should be a educated statment to follow.

Our son was born on the national, “Random Act of Kindness day”… I saved a news paper a good friend of mind Krystal gave to us on the day Zion was born.  Because on the front page, beside his birth date it said, “Today is the Random Act of Kindness Day…” and I hope to instill the value of randomly being NICE to other people, for no reason in our children as they get older.  For now though we try to make him understand kindness, hugs, and being nice and showing LOVE to others.  We also.. try not to use the word HATE around our two year old.  And if he begins to use HATE, first we will address WHY he hates something, and then help him to connect his emotions or feelings to this word hate. I want him to understand that is is fine to not like (for example) “bananas”, but he should also be able to explain why, and also accept that not all bananas are the same, and that one day he may come to a place or situation, and find a banana that he likes.  So instead of using the word HATE now and closing all doors to all bananas.

He should accept that bananas are in every ones lives, and there is no reason to hate bananas, people that like bananas, or things that have bananas in them.

Show LOVE not hate…show compassion, not anger…. share PEACE …not war…

Give a smile to someone today… its a priceless gift


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