Do you know what is in your protein powder?

Like really know?

Have you heard of amino spiking?  Because it is a real thing.  Meaning there are companies out there that are lying to you, about what you are paying for.  Saying that you are getting New Zealand Whey, or that you are getting 28grams of protein, where its actually a blend, and in reality there is only 12g or 19 grams of protein in your scoop.

Imagine that.  Every day you have two shakes, thinking you are consuming almost 60grams of protein, at the end of the week you thought you were getting 420 grams.  protein-shake

But in reality each day you were only consuming 24grams of actual protein, and by the end of the week. you were SHORT nearly 100 grams of protein!

Haven’t heard of this yet? Read more here….

The next issue I have with protein is when it is jacked more than the bodybuilder beside you at the gym, of bull ingredients.  


I currently use ATP NZ Whey, and the best test for me on the purity of it, and the quality is when I am forced to drink another protein shake.  I get bloated and sick immediately.  I had a protein shake at my sisters house last night and 1/3 of the way in, I felt the frothy, foamy, peanut butter treat starting a war in my stomach.  I turned over the container, and was shocked at the 12… TWELVE ingredients, it had in it.  

When you are looking into purchasing a protein powder you should look into a few things.


1. The quality of the protein

2. Is the company trust worthy

3. The price! Do they claim that its is New Zealand Whey and half the price of their non-New Zealand competitor.. something smells fishhyyyy

4. Colours, additives, and other junk.  

I know the a lot of people are concerned about taste, and I get it.  But now there are so many yummy nut milks that are a mere 20 calories, no sugar etc, with a little cocoa powder and some milk, ice and maybe some PB2 if you really need it

You can make a delicious shake that is not going to make everyone in the room clear out, after you drink it, and will allow your tummy to not appear to be 6 months pregnant.  bf44e56f85cf820558aa7e5a86e4e526

(Im don’t with people asking if Im preggos for a little bit thank you!)


So make sure when you are looking into protein, you do your research, and don’t just buy based on AD’s or what is the host product all over Facebook right now.  Remember that its your gut, your health, your money.  





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