While the weather is hot, and the kids want to play out side, make time to take your fitness outdoors. They will love it, and you can get in a solid workout, but just having fun.
Today my sons-God mama, hubby, my lil nugget and I all packed up in the car, with the jogger and hit the local track.

As we ran 60’s, followed by a brisk jog, my husband did a few laps of the track with quick burst sprints that our son though was the BEST ride ever!
After the sprints we broke out the old school ladder and cones to run drills for about 15 minutes.

“DO it Like ME Aunti Dee!!!”

This was most definitely Zions FAVOURITE part of the workout.Β  He chased after use trying to copy our single footed hops or quick feet moves.

Of course we ended it all with a good stretch, Zion has his calf stretches down to perfection!

Make sure to pack lots of water, a sun hat for the babies and a towel if you have to spray them down with some water for a quick post-workout cool down.

Zion Cheezin’ with Aunti Dee Post work-out
Time to eat our recovery meal after that workout!

AsΒ  always, HAVE FUN!

In health,

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