As my fellow moms know, summer time can be two months stocked with phrases such as,

“Im bored”

“What is there to play with now?”

“What are we doing today?”

The role our children’s teacher played for the last nine months, is now in the hands of mommy. And us moms some times have little to NO experience on how to keep a child occupied for 2 months straight, 12 hours at a time!

During my brief – worldly travels,- I taught in Korea, and I came to realize how much children LOVE routine! (this was also reconfirmed when I became a parent)

Here is my summer time schedule idea.  With just some craft paper, magnets, markers and tape you can create a fun schedule that keeps your little ones active, educated, entertained and in a healthy routine!  It also gives you some thing to refer to when your days get crazy!


The important note here, is that you do not need to stick to the routine in the summer, this is just a GUIDELINE! Adjust according to weather, moods, creative ideas, visitors, community activies, summer camps, library programs etc!


1. I created an agenda template with 4 sections that your kids would choose a new TO DO item each day


2. On large index cards (cut in half) I made 4 categories

(colour code each)



a) Theme/Programs: These are things we can do that have a them or are scheduled programs (I made about 30 ideas to last the entire summer)

– Visit the lake

– Out door scavenger hunt

– Strawberry picking

– Local splash pad

– Park & picnic

– Bowling

– Local museum

– Home movie theatre & popcorn

– Local conservation park

– Nature walk


These ideally are things to do to get out of the house.  I set this always as our afternoon activity.  If we didn’t do a theme item, we would go to a community/library program



b) Chores: You can have as many chores options as you like

– Get the mail

– Feed the dog

– Dust

– Sweep the floors

Here is a link to “Age Appropriate Chores”



c) Read/School activity (the idea here is to have some form of education each day, however keep it short and painless)

– Reading

– Pages from school activity book

– Flash Cards



d) Activity (this is another 20-30 minute activity in the morning time: some you may have to pre-plan like Arts & Crafts)

– Arts and Crafts

– Educational computer game

– Board games



3. Place a craft magnet on the back of your activity cards & put in a jar




4. Make a schedule for the week


Monday: Schedule + Library Program

Tuesday: Trip Tuesday

Wednesday: Schedule +Swimming lessons

Thursday: Schedule (and they choose a theme activity to do in the afternoon)

Friday: Schedule (and they choose a theme activity to do in the afternoon)

5. Trip day***


I made 8 special cards with a trip on each one.  For a once a week outing.  These don’t have to be far, and they can be creative, but if you can go to a beach or an amusement park or anything along those lines.  You can have a TRIP TUESDAY! (Pick this on Sunday, so that you can plan for this)



Each morning your littles choose their 4 activities.

They get to stick the activity on the appropriate section



If you made lots  of activities, you can take them out of the jar after you did them.  If you only have a few, then put them back in the jar to reuse

*TIP* Keep notes and have the arts and crafts ready for your ideas that you would like to do with the kids.


Thats it!

Let me know how it goes!




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