Strawberry Jam (pectin/sugar free)

1. 2-4 cups of fresh in season strawberries (preferably local! Ours were PYO from Herrles Market)
2. 1-2 tbsp Chia Seeds/ 2cups of berries


1. Heat strawberries in pot on low until they are sweating
2. Add chia seeds and stir
3. Being to boil and then reduce to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes
4. Let cool in fridge to form a jam

Juicy sweet jam!
Two ingredients: Strawberries & Chia Seeds

This is a customizable jam. You can add pure maple syrup if you prefer a sweeter taste.

Zion loved this just fine without the added sugar! Those berries were super sweet!

What we do with our jam:

  • Put 2 tbsp over 1/3 cup oats and let sit over night. Eat cool with a dash of milk in the morning
  • Use as a topper for waffles
  • Use to flavor cooked oats, cream of wheat etc..
  • Place between two crackers with some PB
  • Use in a peanut butter and strawberry protein shake
  • Add inside crapes

Any other yummy ideas?

Tasty and clean home made treat!
Zion's approved the Strawberry Jam from the strawberries he picked!