Do you notice in life, we always tend to make things more difficult for ourselves.

We for some reason go out of our way to do a million things, take the longer route and not listen to our guts or hearts.

This is why I think we are also attracted to high cost items with high promises.  Facial products that swear you will stay younger for years.  Creams that will make your cellulite disappear (anyone found one that works yet?).   Fat loss products that ensure you will be “skinny by summer”, when all you needed to do was get your diet in check.  Foods that are fortified and infused with a million minerals and nutrients, because they were originally stripped and absolute junk.  Hiding dangerous chemicals and additives in our food with fancy names.

Do you know how many alternative names for MSG there are?


Its just something to think about….

Since being pregnant, I have been trying really hard to take things back to the grass routes.  My brothers girlfriend actually inspired me during a conversation the other day, when we were discussing all the stunning uses of coconut oil.

If your interested, I found an amazing link chalked full of uses for this wonderful fat. (click the image)


The infamous Tosca Reno has been writing blog articles about the great things this can do for your insides and all its nutritional benefits.

Check out her blog article here:


So along with changing to natural deodorants and toothpastes (and be careful when you use the word Natural, this is a total MARKETING hoax these days, and companies can use the word natural to trick you into believing there is not pure junk in the product…even though there is).  So when I say natural, I mean it.  home made or from a holistic store with high standards.

Back to what I was saying, when I made these conscious changes because there is a little butterball growing in my belly, I also wanted to stop using what I was renectly using for facial products.  Although the products were GREAT, they didnt contain the large threats (parabens, fragrances, colour etc..), I still  wanted to get even more BASIC, this was a personal choice.

So I went to my kitchen, and made my own home made Coconut oil face wash!

Side Note:  Don't be alarmed by the thought of using this beautiful, natural from the earth food product on your face, because of the word 'oil' in it.  Especially if you have oily skin.  The truth is actually that in most cases, people with oily skin are that way because they over dry their skin with products, resulting in an emergency response from their body to over product oil.  Interesting stuff, huh….

Here is a link to my simple, 2 ingredient face wash:

(click the image below)


Thats my two cents for today, (athough I should say, 5 cents since we are rounding up now in

What ever it is in your life, try and take a day to just KEEP IT SIMPLE!