“Goals are the means by which values and dreams are turned into a reality.  

Happiness does not just happened.  

It has to be earned by thinking, planning and the constant pursuit- over the course of a life time”



As the average person ages in society, they tend to loose sight of the excitement in setting and achieving goals.  Whereas we once were thrilled to compete in a high school basketball tournament and win, or study in order to achieve an A in science, we tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle of every day life, suffocating our inner desire to create and achieve goals.

Who has times for goals when you need to wake up at 5am, get to work, do the mundane actions required of you daily in order to receive a pay cheque so that you can pay your mortgage, which you need to do, in order to keep the roof over your head.  You go home, make dinner, watch a few TV shows while prepping for your next day of work, and REPEAT

Again the question arises, “Who has time for setting new goals?”  

Commonly we hear these statements pertaining to GOALS:

1. Goals are for kids

There is a time, when we readily heard about goals as children.  A report card would say, that you could set and achieve goals specific to the task assigned by the teacher.  A resume would say you are task and goal oriented.  Your parents would enforce goals for you to hit, such as getting an A, so that you can play on your school hockey team.

Then we get older — and lost in pattern and redundancy.  But who is to say Goals are for kids?


2. There is no time in my day for any more goals!

Work, school, children, husbands, after school programs, commutes… need I say more?

3. I am happy with what I have achieved in life; thus, I do not need to be setting more goals

I have the job, the car, the house, and the kids.  I am done.


These are all valid statements, and I am not here to discredit any of them.  But for the sake of argument, lets look a little deeper.

If you are a goal-oriented person, most likely that drive within does not go away.  Rather, similar to how the children (not the adults) believed Peter Pan could fly and in pixy dust, adults forget about the excitement of achieving a goal, almost inherently forgetting to believe in the magical warmth you are taken over with when achieving a goal you set out to conquer!

Benefits of setting goals”

  1. Makes you aware of your own strengths
  2.  Improves your self image
  3.  Helps you to visualize and plan actions, and gives you direction in order to carry them out
  4.  Makes you responsible for your success or failures
  5.  Makes you aware of your weakness, so you can improve them, and turn them into strengths 
  6.  Gives you a “track” to run on, a path to follow




Defending your goals

Similar to the example previously, as the adults grew older, they lost the ability to believe, like the children believed, in Never Never Land.  Today we almost look down on, or discredit people who set goals, and chalk them up to crazy dreams!


“Oh they are crazy for spending all that time, what about their children?”

“I guess Johnny never grew up”

“Doesn’t she see there is no future in that… she should just get a real job!”

These individuals will never “see Peter Pan fly”– and they will do their darndest to make you feel guilty for what you are setting out to achieve.

Sadly most of the time:

a) This is being done without realizing that they are affecting you

Statements similar to above, often leave the persons mouth, disregarding that their opinion, may actually hurt or offend you, even though its just their opinion


b) Because they ultimately wish they could too set out and achieve some of the cool things that you are doing

If you win a medal or loose 10 lbs. there will be someone out there that deep inside wishes they could too.  Instead they make excuses x10, to prove there is no way that they can.  And if you have overcome some of those ‘excuses’, they are willing to make you feel guilty about it.


c) They are unwilling to put forth the effort to achieve a personal goal

ITS WORK.. HARDWORK to do more than sit around and work, eat, and watch TV.  We are trained from a young age, that if we do not receive instant gratification, then work is required to achieve something, and some where along the way many people have lost the drive to push past that desire of instant gratification, and actually set a goal which they must work for.



d) FEAR plays a role, as we get older (you know that old saying, “children fear nothing”)

I watched my son yesterday climb on a monkey bar and although he never had done it before, kicked his legs over to try and back flip it.  Needless to say he didn’t get his legs far enough over and he slid to the ground, but I watched him in complete FEAR of him hurting himself, however he set his own little goal and attempted it because FEAR was not an issue.


Passing the skill down

Although you may not know it, you play a huge role in the success of your children in their future.


If you have children, I think this makes goal setting even more important.  Your child will watch you set and achieve goals.  Learn the valuable skill of getting back up, when they fall.  Understand humility, respect and courage.  The list is endless.

It can also help your child to:

  • Be successful
  • Give him a purpose
  • Help him learn to manage his time and resources, and
  • Give him a sense of accomplishment.



How to goal set

You may have seen the saying SMART, when learning how to set goals?


Specific: What exactly to you want to achieve?

Measurable: How will you know your making progress toward the goal? When will you know the goal has been reached?

Attainable: Is there a reasonable plan for achieving the goal and likelihood that you will get there?

Realistic: Is the goal “just right” (not too hard, not too easy)?

Timely: Have you identified a specific time line?


set and reach goal concept

So let’s do it!


Ex: To run in a 5k



  • Buy new running shoes
  • Register for a 12 week running program
  • Complete the program
  • Register for the 5k
  • Run!


  • Complete the 12 week running program prior to running in 5k
  • Get support from family
  • Make sure to put 100% into all my runs


  • May 12th, 2014 5k run


DO IT! Go out there and achieve your goal and BE PROUD!



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