The alarm goes off, early in the morning… I roll over grab by BlackBerry and hastily turn it off.
Already frustrated and making excuses to not allow the warmth of my blankets escape from my embrace.

Today is day ONE….

I roll over to my husband, jealous that he will not be embracing the bone chilling winter air in 15 minutes… let alone at 5am!
I sit up and rub my sleep stricken eyes, wondering again, why I am doing this.

Then it starts,
“I could miss this morning”
“I will just work out on my day off”
“Its too damn early”
“WHY am I getting out of my bed, I just want to be normal … and sleep in…”

That’s it!  I remind myself Im doing this because I dont want to be average… NOT everyone body does this.
My internal competitive engine starts to ignite, and I reach to my BlackBerry again, this time with less hostility and scroll through a few motivational images I have saved.

I take a deep breath and feel myself, my motivation and my drive slowly unraveling.  My heart is warming to the idea of morning cardio….
I stopped at this image….

This one hit me deep, because just on Sunday I said to myself, I would start on Monday so that I could eat breakfast with my friends, and be…normal (?)

I roll over and update my Facebook Status…

“Why are you doing THIS?? Of allll your goals, YOU do this for YOU!!! Only you will know how hard you worked, how many hours you clocked, the times you turned down a cheat meal, the times you woke up early or didn’t go out late. Make your own damn self PROUD!”
 As I make my way over to the kitchen I remember what this was like.  This time last year when I was up at the crack of dawn, looking over my schedule, preparing for my cardio and running miles at a time.  After a year full of trials, tribulations, losses, failures and set backs… I had to take something, by the horns and ride with it.  This time it was my own dreams, my own passions my own aspirations. I put everything else before me, let everything take away from me so I decided 2012 was going to be a year to MAKE MYSELF PROUD.
As I sipped my pre-workout berry shake I relished in the thoughts of being at the top of my game again, stepping back into my cross trainers and running, lifting, challenging my inner core.  I visioned myself slipping back on my heels and walking across the OPA stage in 2012.  Improving my physique and loving the long road again. 
I remove my cozies and squeeze…. (yes I said squeeze)…. into my running tights.  Toss on a huge sweater, hat and gloves and lace up my runners.The energy starts to trickle in as I snap on my Mp3 player and the music starts to get my heart pumping, as I trek out into the jack frost bitten back yard making sure to not trip in the dark hour.  As the garage light flickers on, I meet my match…. the treadmill.  I look at her like she and I are matching up to duke it out…. two fighters prepared to outlast the other.  Its going to be a serious relationship between us over the next 6 months, I laugh to myself as I hop onto the tread… knowing this is one of many, many ….many early morning, half asleep cardios.  These will take me to stage, they will make or break me.  
So lets get this started… right? What are your goals, what goes through your mind when you set out to achieve them? Does any one or anything stand in your way?  Do you let personal adversity get you down?
This is MY time…and I remind myself as I embark on the new year….

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