I woke up this morning realizing it was 2011!  I can not believe what a difference a year can make.  Do you ever stop though and think, how we say something along those lines, at the beginning of every new year?  There are always common things we say as we venture into a new year….

I cant believe how far I made it.
I never thought I would be here, doing this, today.
That year went by way to fast!
I wish I could go back.

This year for me is a year of growth.  In December my husband, Shaun and I created our own vision boards.  We each have set goals and aspirations we intend on striving for in 2011.  What are yours?  How are you planning on achieving them?
For me, its posting pictures of Oxygen Models on my closet.  With words like “Driven, Dedicated, Never Give Up, I will COMPETE….” The list goes on.

My first goal was setting up this Blog.  So the post is short.  But I hope that over the weeks, months and days to come I will be able to let you in on how I plan on getting back on stage, my journey to compete in figure in the Ontario Physique Association, with a family and a full time job, all the while planning and hosting a Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Show this fall…..Oh…and I hope to toss in a laugh or two along the way.
Thanks for joining me!

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