Im not sure if I am more sensitive because I am pregnant or if this is always a hot topic to me.

In any situation I feel fitness should be about being happy with your input and output, and doing such to create a greater balance and over all health in your life.  For instance you should enjoy the way you feel by eating a certain way, and have fun running at the park with your children or taking your own brisk walks.  At the same time you should not be partial to the overall benefits of these tasks to your health and the image of health and taking care of yourself to your children.

That being said, when it is taken into vain or dangerous measures I am not a fan.  Especially when media portrays negative images around cellulite, women with out make up horror photos, and “who looks great and who doesn't” issues of magazines.  This in my eyes is disgusting and offensive.

But it has been taken to a whole new level when PREGNANT celebrities are hackled at in media and on my own social media time lines.

I wont even repost the images, but I recently saw someone post a picture of Kim Kardashian in a white and black outfit with the caption “FREE WILLY” over it.  If I wasn't a non-confrontational person I would have said something on the post, but I have to remind myself 'to each their own'

My issue here is this is a pregnant woman, raising a child in her belly!  What does it matter to you or I what she weights, or wears for that matter.

Jessica Simpson received the same attacks with her first pregnancy, and was a part of tabloid bashing and people chatter about their bets on her in-ability to 'loose all that weight' post-baby.

There are REAL moms out there, that will struggle with weight gain.  And as they stand in line at the grocery stores, they are bombarded with these negative images, and thoughts about these celebrities bodies, and then look down to their own.

Pregnancy is a blessing from God and a beautiful time in a woman's life.  Its when she glows, and people give her a special amount of attention.  When she is growing another life within her and will one day become a 'mommy'.  I am all for staying healthy, eating proper proportions, but we should be careful on what we share, and think about who it could affect.

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