I am often asked what I include in my little ones daily routine to keep them healthy and strong, especially during cold and flu season, as our immune systems can be suppressed.  Another time that I really focus on my nutrition and supplementation is during pregnancy.unnamed-3

So here are my essentials that I make sure to have on hand when I am pregnant (which incase you have not heard #naturallyfitmom is on baby number three!)



Essential Supplements 


This is essential for both mom and baby, and something you should start to take before you even get pregnant. Most of our diets do NOT include enough healthy fats.  There are many studies that show a positive effect on baby, when mom takes Omega 3 during pregnancy.

Research has confirmed that adding EPA and DHA to the diet of pregnant women has a positive effect on visual and cognitive development of the baby. Studies have also shown that higher consumption of omega-3s may reduce the risk of allergies in infants.

(source: http://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancy-health/omega-3-fish-oil/)



Baby Booster Protein

I already take an ATP protein powder every day (I usually have a Bullet decaf tea in the morning which is adding the following items to a blender:

  1. Warm tea
  2. ATP protein powder
  3. Either a TB of grass fed organic butter or coconut oil

However during all my pregnancies I have very low iron (which is very common, and can contribute to exhaustion during pregnancy).  So I add in this product by Baby Booster as well to my daily routine which can be made with milk or water!  It provides you with 50% of your daily require Iron, which I just love especially because I cannot stomach the iron supplements offered at nutrition stores.

Vitamin D & Calcium


Vitamin D3 and Calcium

If you don’t know this already, calcium and vitamin D help in building bones and teeth.  What a lot of moms don’t realize though is that the baby will take your calcium stores, leaving your own bones at risk if you are not getting enough each day.  It is already great to PAIR calcium and Vitamin D together. I do this in a few ways.  I supplement in the morning with the above two products.  And I always have a glass of Vitamin D and Calcium fortified O.J. every day as well! This ensure that both mama and baby are good to go!

Along with this Vitamin D is amazing for your immune system and to be anti-inflammatory as well! It is perfect for us Canadian mamas as well who maybe don’t get out side quite as much as we should.



Probio-4 and HMF probiotics
Staying on the theme of immune system, lets talk about getting sick! No one wants that, especially pregnant mama’s. So I always suggest to my moms that they take a daily probiotic as a security measure. Especially if you have other littles around you with germs all over their hands!  I personally take PROBIO-4 which has 4 strains of probiotics in it, however if you are a mom that gets nauseous just thinking about swallowing pills while pregnant, then a powder version might be better for you.
So what do you make sure is in your daily regime? Let me know if the comments below!
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