Life is short.

That being said, it is important to pay attention to the actions, words and thoughts that cross your path each day.

What I think many of us fail to accept or realize is that we breed our experiences through our actions and thoughts.  So if there is a tendency to be negative in the words you say, or the actions you partake in, or the thoughts you allow to cross your mind, most likely, negative things will occur.
However, if you pay it forward and display positive actions, have positive thoughts and conversations, I promise you— more positivity will come about in your own life.

Three things to think about:

1. Is what I am saying or doing harmful to me, my spirit, my mind or body

2.  Is what I am saying or doing harmful to others, and their self worth.

3. Do I try to look at the optimistic sides of things before I put down opportunities, or situations with negative comments

Lets look a little deeper:

Number ONE: What you say to yourself

  • Thoughts about yourself should be kind and uplifting.  Telling your self negative things will only create a negative self image: TOXIC
  • No one can love YOU until you love yourself: others will be constantly battling your own wall that you have put up because you are unhappy
  • You are the only thing ever stopping you
 “Wether you believe you can or you believe you can’t…YOUR right!”
Start with positive affirmations, saying things like:
I am strong and beautiful
I am an amazing mother
I will be my husbands/partners best friend always
I am worthy of good things to come!
Then act upon those and allow the positivity to shine outwardly through your actions:
Stop staring in the mirror at what you consider to be your flaws
SMILE a littler more
Stare at others, a little less
Live with the innocences and carefreeness of a child
Number TWO: What you say to/about others:
  • People like nice people, its not nice when you judge or talk about others behind their back, before something comes out of your mouth, think to yourself, “Would I want someone else to say that about me?!”
  • We aren’t here to judge others, and most of the time people judge others because they have nothing better to do, and are dealing with their own insecurities (or they are just plain mean)  We constantly tell our children to say please, thank you and to be kind, as parents and mentors we should also live by those guidelines.  I have never seen a negative comment get the same results a nice one would
  • You don’t know THIER story:  You have a story just like everyone else, and you never know what the other person has endured or what their mental state is at that moment, so your words could cut like a knife through their deep pain. Why no work harder to help people, rather than hinder.

Start with positive ACTIONS towards others:

What happened to holding the door?
Help someone with their bags instead of watching them struggle
Make dinner for another mom, just because… not only when a baby arrives
SMILE at others
Be ‘unexpected’ in what our world today expects of us!
Number THREE: Be Optimistic
Why do you think every one loves Oprah?  Why do we listen to “The Secret”.  Because these people are positive, and they breed a warm positive feeling.  They can leave you with a feeling of, “I can do it!”
  •  Stop yourself if the first thing you see is a glass half full.  People want to be excited… to share their news with you, or tell stories.  Be careful if the first words out of your mouth are, “yah..but…”
  • Be EXCITED for others, happy and uplifting!  Some where in life we decide if we will be pessimistic or optimistic
  • Lift people up! Its rewarding, feels good and people will gravitate towards you!

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