Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying that I just realized my job as a mommy was going to be difficult now with an almost two year old toddler. No, quite the contrary. When I went into early labour with my son, for him to go breech 3 weeks later, almost to say, “gotcha mom!!!”… and then go back into labour 2 weeks before his scheduled c-section, only to come out colicky and angry at the world… I knew I was in for a whirl-wind of an experience as a Mom.

That was just the beginning. Now I had to decide if I wanted to join a parenting ‘team’ . Was I pro or anti co-sleeping? Attachment parenting? The let them cry it out mom? Will I discipline or distract? And all the while facing my own personal mommy identity crisis, I was surrounded with other moms, books, co-workers, family members, people on the street… who had their own views, and I knew would honestly judge and critique my actions with my son, to my face or behind my back. Either way, this wasn’t going to be an easy road.

Was I going to subject my son to a book-theory. If I was lost in his tears, unaware of how to deal with the teething, bed peeing, wont-sleep through the night without a feeding, pushing, hitting and couch jumping… would a book or a TV show or a podcast direct me… And if I thought I liked, a “theory“, who is to say my son would. —- He could want to crumble up my test-tube trial study on him, throw it in the garbage and kick the garbage can one time for good measure.

So .. who said it was going to be easy. NO ONE. Who said the books would tell you the truth. No Body. Who told us our elders know best… Nadda. (unless your a native elder and you use that Native Indian swaddle device, that works, tried tested and true for unhappy, arm flailing, colicky babies… lol).

Zion’s first temper tantrum… he told us who was boss! lol

All I’m saying is parent hood is our adult version of the teenage drama we faced 10 to 20 years ago. Packed full of similar teenage –decisions, ‘social’ crews to follow, tests, acne and breakups. Now as parents, we are just faced with parental choices, parenting beliefs to follow, testing toddlers, diaper rash and temper tantrums where your 3 year old breaks up with you for 10 minutes.

BUT, all that being said. Being a mommy is the BEST, sweetest, and most precious reward, blessing and gift I could have been given …ever. I will take this life challenge on, and smile, laugh and cuddle with my little babies every step of the way.

It ain’t easy.. but us mommies gotta do it!!

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  1. Very true. I’m not a Mom. I’m an Auntie of two precious girls. My one niece is about to turn two, like Zion. Just when we thought we all had the rules down, she changed the rules. Hello toddler! Parenting is a challenge, but it’s the most rewarding job you’ll ever do. It sounds like Zion is blessed to have such wonderful parents.

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