Its that time again, I have to pack up the bags and the BlackBerry’s and head off into the dust…

I’ve had a great little break from trips since my husband and I went to San Francisco last month.Β  So I know leaving my little guy this week will be so hard for me!Β  But that being said, I’ve spent this evening packing my bags … after I read Zion his favorite book a few times πŸ˜‰

In my luggage is not just a few outfits for a week in the great north of Alaska.Β  Im also packing up protein bars (natural and organic), my protein powder and shaker.Β  I also have in a ziplock all of my vitamins and minerals (along with my powdered glutamine).Β  It never fails when I pull out my ziplock of endless ‘power powders’ that I get a funny look paired with a head tilt by the customs agents as I lock and load the scanning table with my luggage items.
I know being a part of a large organization that travel is hard.Β  Hard on your body, mind your rest and your goals as well.Β  Goals?!Β  Thats right. Goals.

Each time I prepare to head off on a trip I have to re-affirm what my goals are, and that poor tastless airport food will not become my primary source of protein and essential fats.Β  That for every company dinner I attend I will not forget to have the dressing on the side or choose to sip on vodka instead of water.Β  Obviously there is a time to treat yourself, but I try especially hard to stay on task when Im on business trips.Β Β  I perform better, feel better and dont feel guilty when Im on the flight home for saying yes to a poutine en-route.

Even if your not traveling the stress and exhaution of life can force us to grab last minute meals or treats.Β  Just try and make sure that they dont sidebar your health πŸ™‚

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