One thing I love to do, is create a home made version of what the grocery store sells you as a ‘fast food’.

As I was shopping around at a health expo this weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting with two gentlemen that worked at the Giddy YoYo booth.  Before I even get into the products, I wanted to rehash that meeting.  Every once in a while you will run into some one that has the same passion as you, the same values.  And the conversations could go on forever.  I have a strong passion for health, for our environment, for educating our generations parents on the marketing scams we are being sold in grocery stores, and how easy it can be to make a few changes at home, in turn benefitting your families health.  The two men who worked this booth had the same passion and were able to tell me so much about what they believed in, and then how the owner of Giddy YoYo has taken her passions one step further when creating this company, and the products which they sell.


Read a little about this company here:

Giddy Yoyo foods are not the same as other certified organic or fair-trade products….. Our foods are the highest quality most nutrient dense foods available, nourished by mineral-rich soil, the freshest spring water & grown in healthy, remote environments that have never known the existence of chemicals. Our products are untouched by genetically modified organisms, the practice of hybridization, or chemical solvents and metals regularly used in the practice of bringing foods to market. And they’re 100% RAW too!

Okay, so that right there had my “hippy heart” jumping up and down.  But when I spoke to Agelitto and Shane, they could breath pure knowledge of why their products were so much more than just their description.  There was excitement with every sample they passed over to me.  I think they were hoping my napping daughter would be awake so she could sample!



I ended up taking home a blend of different berries.  Goji, Sweet & Tart Incan Berry and Red Banana Spears.

I have linked each item above so you can read about how amazing these super fruits are, and the way they  are grown, and get to your mouth.

But together these berries make a SUPER FRUIT TRAIL MIX.  This is why I love it!

  • There foods are grown in protected valleys in both wild and cultivated areas of Inner Mongolia in million year-old soil where pesticides have never been used
  • Contains nutritionally dense fruits and one of the finest antioxidants available (Goji) (lab verified at 36,000 ORAC units). The antioxidants protect human cells from harmful reactive molecules called free radicals which cause damage to healthy cells through oxidation
  • This snack contains ALL essential amino acids and…21 trace dietary minerals, vitamins, monosaccharides, polysaccharides, fatty acids, linoleic acids, alpha-linoleic acids, phytosterols, beta-sitoterol, carotenoids, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, xanthophyll, lycopene, cryptoxanthin along with calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, riboflavin, Vitamin C (100 gram serving provides nearly 100% of your daily recommended intake for vitamin C)

There are many other reasons why I love this company. But you should take a minute to go check out their site yourself.

In the mean time, here is my recipe for a home made trail mix. 



I purchased each of these bags, and filled 28 baggies and stocked them in my pantry.  My quick mommy tip here is to just set aside 25 minutes.  Thats about all it took.  In the zip lock bags these yummy treats will last for the month, and you can grab a pre-made pack with NO preservatives, chemicals, additives, low in sodium, and high in nutrients.  Amazing for you and your whole family!


Other ideas:

  • Use to top your yogurt
  • Mix into your oatmeal in the morning instead of sugar
  • Layer into Over night oats
  • Sprinkle over frozen yogurt
  • Mix into breads and muffins

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