With both of my pregnancies, I had intense morning sickness. With my morning sickness also came dizzy spells and light headedness (iron issues)

For the iron I wanted to stay far away from chemical iron supplements, which have side effects and can increase nausia.

So I went to Fiddleheads, and they were a HUGE help. They prescribed to be a whole foods Blood Builder:

For Nauasia:

1. Ice Cold Water

2. Cold Water with Lemon added (any tart food or citrus usually really helps cut the salivating feeling YUK)

3. Eating SMALL about 200 or 300 calories every couple of hours

4. Hot tea with Ginger shredded and a pinch of cinnamon, honey and lemon to taste

5. A few organic saltine crackers at your bedside for before you get up

6. Sprtizy carbonated water with lemon or lime added and honey/ginger to taste