There is a new force to be reckoned with; in regards to your plain old oats.


Let me introduce you to  This little family business, is making some BIG noise in the health and fitness world with their custom to order Oats and low-fat Peanut Butters. Now this sounds like a simple fix for adding fruit or flavours to your own oats, but is is NOT!

They have a list of every flavour from German Cake to Snicker doodle

You can choose to have it naturally flavoured with Cane Juice or stick to your diet by adding a little sprinkle of Splenda to the blend.

The owner Anthony is not only a nice guy, he’s a bodybuilder and health nut to boot! Anthony understands the needs of those who are watching what they eat, and has such an intricate system in place for you to make your own custom OATS.


1. Choose your Blend and Size

First you can choose from  over SIX types of oats, ranging from ORGANIC to  STEEL CUT or INSTANT.  (They even have GLUTEN FREE)!

And you can choose from 3 different sizes ( I actually made FIVE blends in small bags so I could have a different flavour every morning)

2. Flavour, Fruit & Nuts!

Now you can add in any flavour, I counted, they have over FOURTY flavours! You need to go there just to check out the flavours!



They also have a list of yummy fruits from dried cherries to banana, and nuts/seeds as simple as almonds or crunchy granola as Hemp Seeds!

3. Would you like some sweet with your OATS?

This is the best part.  You can choose your type of sweetness.  A lot, a little.. or none! You can go Au Natural  and get your flavour from the yummy treats you added (fruits, nuts and seeds) or, you can splash in some extra sweetness!

4. Once you try, you won’t stop!

And these guys can help make sure you don’t miss out on your morning OATS.  With scheduled shipments you can make sure you don’t have to leave the house to fuel your muscles every morning.


As if making your own custom oats wasn’t cool enough, they also give you the chance to name your special Oatmeal!  This was the fun part for my little man.

What Makes This SO cool?

a) Family Fun

My Son and I sit together at the computer and I list off all the cool flavours. He then can create his own amazing Oatmeal, according to the flavours HE loves!

I know then, when those packages arrive he is excited to have his morning healthy breakfast

b) Healthy options

I love the variety of flavours, but what I love even more is that allows me to make our families oatmeal hearty and HEALTHY. WIth options like Hemp Seeds, Dates and Walnuts, this HOLISTIC mama can feel good about feeding these non GMO oatmeal dishes to our family!

c) Easily fits in any diet plan

Do you even macro?

I do!

And it has been a life saver for me as a fitness mommy.  Because as we all know, Mommies GO GO GO! That means that I grab things when I can, but I obviously want to make sure at the end of the day Im meeting my own micro and macro goals for health and fitness. The problem with a lot of custom items is you don’t know the measurements of whats in it. NOT THE CASE! As you add or subtract items, Anthony has included a MACRO calculator right on the screen so you can see if your oats can fit in to your macronutrient goal for breakfast, or if it has too much sugar, what the finer numbers are…etc! HOW DOPE IS THAT!?


d) AMAZING customer service

Not only are the budget friendly, they are just plain friendly!

As I create my oats you can see in the image above, it shows you the cost per bag, and how many servings you are going to get! This Anthony guy almost seems like he had every MOM on his mind as he created this website! Seriously!

What was really cool, and unique though, was I had a couple of questions, and Anthony was right there to answer them! You see this:



He is literally available for LIVE chat!

Overall I rate this company a 10/10 for service, ease of use and FIT mommy friendliness.

What about the taste?


Lets just say I literally couldn’t get pictures of the oats, because hubby and little man had them eaten up every morning before I came down with the baby!!

You have to give this cool company a try just once, you will be hooked!

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