As many of you know I am in love with the Vegan world, and Vega products are a savior to my family.  My son is allergic to all things related to cows, which doesn’t bother me one bit because after reading Skinny Bitches: Bun in the Oven three years ago, while my own little Bun was in my oven.. I turned far away from dairy. So finding quality protein and whole food products for my family was a task I gladly took on!

In search of something that our whole family could use, I bumped into a unique little restaurant called: THRIVE JUICE BAR, in my home town.

There the owner Jonnie makes up delectable shakes, smoothies and green beverages from all things VEGA!  After just a few visits, I was hooked.  That being said, Vega not only has an amazing line of yummy protein powders they also make delicious protein bars, pre and post workout drinks, electrolyte mixes..the list can go on.

My husbands favourit is the pre-workout energizer:

I on the other hand fell in LOVE with their Chocolate Protein Bars:
This now brings me to something else or should I say some one else that I was introduced to by Vega.

Miss PeggyK

Like myself, Peggy is a registered holistic nutritionist, and she frequents the Steve & Chris day time show as their in house nutritionist.

I was lucky enough to meet Peggy in person when I interviewed her for one of my Grand River Living Episodes.
To say she is a bundle of JOY is an understatement. That girl is hilarious and can make eating clean and learning about food and its importance for a thriving life, FUN!
I was laughing the entire interview for our segment.  My own personal highlight was when I snuck over to her after filming with my own beat up copy of her amazing book, “Must Have Been Something I Ate” and like a kid at an NSync Book signing, asked her to Autograph my book!

(Even the film producer was laughing at me.. but thats okay, I have no shame!)

PeggyK just recently released this phenomenal Super Foods’ Chart that you can download and put on your fridge! This is a GREAT list to go by, and work on including these items into your daily diet.  Not only does she give you the inside scoop on the foods to make you flourish, this girl hooks you up with the ins-and-outs on WHY these foods are so amazing for YOU, and what is in them that makes them SUPER!

Take a look at the Super Foods Chart here:

PeggyK’s Vega Super Foods Chart

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