What I don’t understand is why stay at home moms are not paid.  In my opinion Mom’s have a full time job, being the home maker, wife and mommy.  Their pay is screaming babies, they get no breaks and have little time for lunch.  Their raise may be in the form of a shared Joe Louie that was left over from afternoon snack time. 

No wonder so many stay at home mommies find it so hard to fit in a work out, to eat a proper meal, or to stay on a training program of some sort.  Here are 8 healthy tips to “work” your fitness into your work schedule.

1.      Invest in a jogger.  Babies love stroller time and a quick 20 minute jog is great for you and baby
2.      Forget the pink dumbbells; use your ‘baby’ weights.  My son LOVED when I would squat and lift him over my head at the same time (over head press!) or use him as a weight and do Russian twists hopping him side to side over my abs.
3.      Food time is family time.  My husband and I would let the kiddies play close by on a Sunday after noon and chop, wash, and store all the food so healthy options are easy to grab when its just me with the kids
4.      Eat healthy as a family.  Try and keep the packaged foods from your kids.  Make things you know are good for them and you
5.      Be active, together.  Hit the park up and let them run around, chase after them. See who can out run mommy.  Have 10 races against each other, but intentionally sprint for a few to get some good cardio in.
6.      Go on long walks
7.      Do workout DVD’s: this was a lot of fun for my son and I.  I would put in a tough workout DVD and he would stand right beside me trying so hard to copy all of my actions.  It was play time for him and a good workout for me.  I pushed myself really hard because there were times that he gave up and had enough of the 8 counts of “step together step!” and he DVD had to get switched back to Mickey Mouse
8.      Invest in a good cardio machine.  We got a treadmill that I still swear by.  It lets me get in a 15, 20 or sometime 30 minutes when my baby is sleeping.  Again it’s important to remember that every little bit counts.

The importance is your health at the end of the day.  We all need some sort of activity because movement of the skeletal muscles (muscles that are attached to your bones) assist in the movement of toxins and fluids through your lymphatic system.  This is why the more stagnant you are, the un-healthier you are.  Your lymphatic system doesn’t pump like your portal vein does with the assistance of your heart.  Work it out girl!!…Exercise is crucial.