This is the most common thing I hear when I speak with mom’s looking for nutritional advice.

We give our all to our children, husbands, social activities, however most often put our own health on the back burner.

Here are the nutritional benefits of eating breakfast:

1. Cant loose those last mommy pounds? Eating a good breakfast kick starts your day and instantly increases your metabolism, making you more efficient at burning fat all day

2. Tired?  Your a mom, of course you are!  Breakfast gives you unparalleled energy.  Coffee has nothing on the nutritional and energy benefits of breakfast.

3. Stressed or feeling down?  A breakfast with good fats will help your brain to function better and release good feeling hormones. 

Okay, so now you know why…but how?

The next thing mommies ask…

Melissa do you eat breakfast?! What do you eat with your busy schedule?

Here are some yummy, EASY and holistically healthy breakfast ideas:

Protein Shake
Coconut oil
Protein powder
Frozen blue berries
Almond milk
Cacao powder
Veggie greens powder

Toss everything in a blender and go in under 2 minutes

Skinny Crap/ Sex cereal
Almond milk or cup of Greek yogurt

This cereal is more than just a fun name! (Lol)
Packed with seeds, nuts and grains, this cereal is very dense so only a quarter cup is near 200 calories.  Pair that with a cup of Greek yogurt and you have a fast meal that is extremely nutritionally dense, in under 1 minute!

Egg Sandwich

Egg whites 
Melted low fat cheese
2 slices of sprouted grain toast

If you have 5 minutes you can pour a serving of egg whites in a pan, toss toast in the toaster and a few minutes later, top with a few slices of cheese!  There you have a high energy meal packed with protein, you can eat in your car on the go!

There are three awesome and yummy breakfasts for you! Now eat up and go and enjoy every special mommy moment you can!

Do you have any favourite fast go to breakfast ideas?

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