After working out with the Oh Baby Fitness family I thought I would put together a few exercise that you can do at home with baby in tow!

Warm up by squatting with the baby on a spot for 30 seconds.

Each exercise can be done for 30 seconds and repeat 3-5 times!

1. Squats (Hug baby against your chest and do wide squats)

2. 1 Legged squats (hold baby in arms, slightly lift back leg off floor as you lean forward, keep your back flat!)


3. Bent over Rows (Bend forward with baby and slightly bend knees- pull baby into your chest and then let them down close to the floor.  Pull them back up and down for 30 seconds)

4. Bicep Curls (Hold the baby in your arms and curl into your chest)

5. Chest Flies (baby can sit on your lap or you can have them play beside you)

Chest Fly
Chest Fly


6. Alternating lunges (Hold baby against chest and alternate lunges forward)




Thats it!  Repeat that 3 -5 times (or as many as baby is happy to let you try).

I cant believe how much fun my little had during this workout, she was fully engaged and laughing!


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