Being a mom is a blessing, and the one thing that I feel God gave me, that I will treasure and hold dear to my heart to my very last day.  Until you are a mother yourself you will never understand the love you grown for that little mini-YOU.  How you can be completely enveloped in watching them grow into this unique and beautiful little humans.

But being a mother also comes with a lot of new responsibilities, frustrations, anxieties and times when your lid is about to pop right off.  We can get lost in running after our child, correcting bad behaviour or even trying to perfect our momism’s.  At times we may find ourselves lost in the world of motherhood and forget that moment when we saw our babies face for the first time, that they are a little person and just want your love and patience, and that most of the time they are not trying to make you crazy (right?) lol

My son is two, so we are facing a whole new set of challenges, when I look back at his two years, its interesting to reminisce what was going on at each stage, and how HUGE of a deal each stage was.

I was on Pinterest today and found this pretty poster with a 30 Day Mom Challenge.  I think that at all times in our mom life, we will have a few things on here we need to try to do, remember to do and actually commit to doing, for ourselves and our little monkey’s!

Enjoy the read!


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