Do you ever stop to think if what is holding you back is your mind?  Not the food you eat, the body shape you were genetically disposed to have, the kids you have to take of, the school homework that piles high or the office phone calls that you need to return.   What if non of those things had any effect on you reaching your goals.  Not a single factor but your mind?
Heart Mind and Soul
Let me make a case for it.
What things can your mind do, that will take you off your path, away from your goal or stress you out….
  • Worry
  • Fear
  • Think Negative
  • Assume
  • Retaliate
  • Hate
Your mind, your brain, is the centre of all activity. It controls how you act…more importantly, how you react!!!  What you think, where you go, and every decision you make is thought through, in your mind.
Now, I’m not saying that life doesn’t hand you stressful days, but, what you do with that stressful day  or situation, and how you handle it, is all about what’s going on in your noggin.
Let’s say, you had plans to go to the gym after work.  You got a late afternoon call at work, that went  longer than expected, your husband reminded you to pick up the dry cleaning, you stubbed your toe, and you then realize as you go to your car, you didn’t even pack your gym clothes. YUCK! That’s a stinger!
But, all of that has now HAPPENED. Its over. In the past.  Your standing at your car, and you can choose to be UPSET, annoyed, irritated and give up on the gym, which is allowing your mind to make a Negative Decision, based on a Negative Situation.  OR, you can take a breather in your car, re-group, get your dry cleaning, and either make -up that cardio by waking up 30 minutes earlier the next morning, or popping over to the gym still after dinner.  YOU (and your mind) decide.
We battle with our mind to go left or right every day. I always tell people, that worrying about a situation  isn’t going to make whatever your worrying about change.. so why are you worrying?    Stressing about your extra 5 pounds for sure is not going to make you 5 pounds skinnier.  Hating someone who has hurt you, is not even going to effect that person (they cannot see or feel what is going on in YOUR mind).  Seriously now, why are we so pre-disposed to let our mind wander and worry?
  I heard the best comment ever once from a pastor talking about worry.  “Does worry add time onto your life”.. heck no!  SO why are you going to allow your mind to waste what could be a wonderful moment spend with your child, or a moment kissing your significant other, or a moment calling an old friend to say hey.. even more so why worry when you could have driven to the gym, done 30 minutes of cardio and driven home.. all in the same let your mind wander!
Here is to a year of the positive MIND.. let your MIND MATTER..

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