I can honestly say I am really enjoying this off season from competing.  Less cardio, more food and most importantly, more time for FAMILY.  I’m so used to being at the gym after work with my husband and then we come home, late, and feed our lil’munchkin (if he didn’t eat at the gym day care) and then eat our last meals before dragging ourselves to bed.
 Finally we are home when it’s still sunny outside, and enjoying our family dinner.  I get time to cook Zion and Shaun yummy new meals.  This is what is so important to me, the time I get with my boys.  Music playing in the living room, the kitchen extra warm from all the home cooking, and watching our son laugh and roll on the floor, he is seriously our own personal entertainer!   Just yesterday as we were chasing after him throughout the house, he literally stopped at the dog bowl and put his face in the water to drink it! Guess he was thirsty, and thinks drinking water like our puppy is more fun now, then drinking it from his bottle!  At the moment I caught him I pulled him away with a stern “NO”, but behind his back, Shaun and I were in tears laughing at what he just attempted to do.  Those priceless moments, are what I’m talking about.  The “feel good” moments.
What makes you smile, get that warm feeling inside, and just feel at ease?  You know that “ahhhh” moment.  When you feel like everything around you is perfect.  You could have had the busiest day, you came home starved, and you have errands still to run.  But there is that one thing, a smile, a touch, a kiss.. that can just melt your worries, your stress and create a sense of peace.
I think our society today is too rushed.  We allow ourselves to make excuses so that we are almost on auto pilot and forget to give our soul some love.  How often to you treat your mind and soul to some “spa treatment”?
For me it’s all those things I listed above.  For others is yoga, or meditation.  It could be as simple as the 10 minutes before everyone wakes up, that you can enjoy your warm tea and browse the news paper.  This time off season has made me realize how much I, took myself for granted as I was preparing for my last competition.  I was on auto pilot, and left little time for down time.  YOU are just as important as everyone else in your life that you take care of.  Remember that, and create your own serenity “get away”…  

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