Now almost 4 months into this pregnancy, I am SO excited and enjoying every moment of it.  As many know my last pregnancy resulted in a bed rest prescription only a few months in.  This time I have been taking full advantage of being healthy and able to workout, and move around a kitchen to create yummy clean meals for the whole family to enjoy!

A few things I have been doing this pregnancy is:

Train with FRIENDS:  when you are tired, or nauseous, working out is usually the last thing on your mind.  The one thing I have found helped so far is scheduling work outs with my girl friends.  I still get out a good sweat session, and have some fun one on one chat time, which helps the day go by!

Eat Clean, but don't focus on lean:  I am still a huge advocate of eating clean meals and cooking all our families foods, however with a baby in my belly I ensure that I am not reverting to dieting habits of large portions of proteins.  I enjoy a variety of fruits and veggies and snacks.  I add in fresh squeezed juices and stay far away from any thing which could harm the bubba

Sharing everything with our toddler: My son is a little man of wisdom and wonder, and asks why everything is, the way it is in the world.  So I am just ensuring to enjoy and revel in each day I am pregnant and sharing with him the excitement of my growing belly, visits to the midwife, and helping me cook good food to help the baby grow!

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  1. I am so excited that I found your website and blog. I’m 35 weeks into my pregnancy with my second child and am planning on getting into bikini competition shape after I’ve had my son. It’s encouraging to find another mom with the same drive.

    • Hi!
      That’s really exciting! Congrats on your baby :). And the goal to compete! It’s so worth it :).

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