One thing I hear all the time is “How do you get your son to eat…”

I have no answer!

He just knows no different.  From very young we realized that he was allergic to dairy, and not just lactose intolerant.  I mean dairy does very mean things to his skin and tummy and makes him appear to be sick.  We actually went for months when he was a baby trying to ‘fight’ a cold, until in my CSNN course one  day a teacher told me to pull the dairy, and instantly the congestion stopped!

So we told him, before he could talk that cows milk made his tummy ouchy.  And he stuck it out.

Flax Milk and a cozy chair
Flax Milk and a cozy chair

So he knows when he goes out, no cheese on his pizza, that chocolate can make his tummy ouchy and what type of milk he can drink.

Along with that, from the very start, when he was in day care, I made his lunches!  I only sent certain items, made everything raw and whole foods based, and thus again, he really just knew no different.  So he ate asparagus, mixed veggies and dried fruit with a non-wheat pasta and rice cakes with Daiya cheese.  When we go on road trips we bring our Laplunch box or bento box full of yummies. No different than when you are trying to eat healthy, we plan for our outings!

Home made lunch at the beach!
Home made lunch at the beach!

I cant say there was any magic I did, other than having an awesome husband who supported everything along the way and we made it FUN!

Tomatillos right from their special
Tomatillos right from their special “wrapping paper”

If he is sick, we never rushed to the DR.  Instead he knows to ask for “Ginger tea” or “Lemon Water” depending on how he feels.

Our vitamin routine is done as a family every morning, right down to juicing beets or fruits and taking shots together of it.

Beet and Carrot Juice
Beet and Carrot Juice

Baking is done weekly in our house and we always bake a treat that my little man gets to choose.  This last week we made PINK CAKE with beet pulp from juicing!

All I can say, is having fun while being healthy and not making it a chose is the key to success.  I should also say that there are foods he REFUSES to touch, and just like every other mom he says he loves something, I bake or make a TON of it, and then he announces with a firm foot on the ground, that he no longer likes it….. (and this is where my husbands lunches come from LOL).

And yes he does love candy treats and if someone offers him goodies he will take them and RUN! Like any pre-schooler or anyone for that matter would.  But while he is young if I can have at least a positive impact and help him understand food, how he feels from eating certain foods and instil good values in him, that makes me a happy mommy!


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