Truth be told, I have no clue.

I’m sitting here at my computer, with a counter of dishes, a planner with a million highlighted TO DO items listed, a coffee just to wake me up after a night of sleep training a toddler, and ….


   This is the definition of Balance to me! LOL


BALANCE used to be all I wanted to achieve! But then I realized I was portraying this life of balance via social media and my social groups … while I was unsure if I even had, have, or am achieving balance? —> let alone understand it.

I answer emails, while fixing my sons dinky car and chase after my toddler eating food off the floor like an expensive vacuum = balance?

Being a mom is not quite about balance.  Because at the end of the night as I review my schedule for the next day, while rolling out my sore muscles on a foam roller, listening to some cheap TV show in the back ground, I lay looking at the ceiling, wondering where today even went…

I woke up in a flurry, and got lost in it some where.

kids in car
Sitting in the car just so the littles nap a bit longer….


I feel that our society, parents and mothers, as a whole, go through our daily actions and rarely .. if ever stop, to smell the roses. (how clichΓ©, I know)

I think what is important here is no matter what you call it, you do not stress about achieving it.

In the last few weeks of a jam-packed summer, full of life lessons, skating lessons and organizing a chaotic family life mixed with Cheerios and brocoli filled pony tails, I have to sit down at the end of the night, with a glass of wine and remember, I am doing my very best to make my loved ones happy, but I need to be happy too.  It is important as parents, that we find in our chaos, or balance driven life (or whatever you want to call it…) time to breath.  Forget balance, just BREATH.

Some times meals are not as healthy as we want… but hey! Its all about #Balance right ?!

Take time to relax, let the dishes go.  Let the guilt be free. And when it happens, for 20 seconds or 20 minutes, enjoy it.  Embrace it.  You deserve it!



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