As a mom to three babies I have been through it all when it comes to fitness and aiming to live a healthy lifestyle.

I try hard, go hard, train and eat right… and then a kid gets sick (or even worse, I get sick- which we all know, Moms are NOT allowed to get sick), and all my efforts come to a halt and some times I even regress in my progress.  Sometimes however, it is not getting sick or just a busy week, it can be common and constant mistakes moms make over and over, that seemingly appear innocent in the moment, but are actually ruining your health and fitness goals.  

This blog I am going to list my top ‘common mommy mistakes’ and how to avoid them!

Eating on the go

This is an easy mistake and doesn’t even seem like it could be harmful. What is wrong if you eat while doing your makeup or grab food and run out the door with your kids for drop off?  Well there is lots!  

a) You are not being mindful of what you eat

b) This can actually lead you to over eating

“Eating on the go may make dieters overeat later on in the day,” said lead author Professor Jane Ogden from the University of Surrey.

So knowing this, my tip is to make sure you SIT DOWN when you eat, eat slowly and pay attention to your body- listen if it tells you that you are full.

Skipping meals

This is worse than eating on the go in my mind.  It will most likely also lead to bing eating later on at night, and I can tell you as a MOM myself, I am so guilty of this.  Sometimes I eat less because I convince myself it will help me with my weight goals, sometimes I just eat less because I put myself last.  Then at 7pm I’m starved and stuffing the higher calories foods down my throat like trail mix and pasta. 

So my tip here is to bring a snack with you or have something in the car ready for you, incase you are out longer than expected.  A great tip is that I always keep a protein shaker with 1 scoop of protein in the car . (A great option is ATP New Zealand Whey protein- my fav is vanilla and I even add a scoop of instant coffee for the java kick!) and before I leave the house I pack a banana and protein bar in my bag as well.  That way I know I am covered with healthy meal options while away from home- and there is NO excuse to not eat.

Making guilt based excuses to skip workouts

Things like:

  • My kids need me at home
  • I have too much to do around the house
  • I already took time for myself today
  • My husband can’t put the kids to bed
  • I’m tired and should just ‘Netflix & Chill’ with my partner

This list could honestly go on for ever, and I am sure you could all add to it as well.  So right now, lets throw the guilt out the window.  Remind yourself each time your mind is NOT always right just because it thinks it.  You need to take care of yourself FIRST.  So making the gym or some form of physical fitness a priority is key to longevity- and a happy mommy. So kick that guilt to the curb.  If its really a crazy day try out something like a quick TABATA workout- click here for some examples of a workout that can be done in as little as 4 minutes.

A glass of wine does NOT count as a serving of fruit

Moms, check yourself with your own nutrition.  I am NOT saying to not enjoy the glass of wine (there are many benefits to a glass of red for sure) BUT please also make sure to provide your over worked Mom body with good nutrition all day long.

Eating the kids scraps- and putting them first

You know that saying on the airplanes “Put your mask on before you put the childs mask on”

That is because if you do not have enough oxygen, you will not survive!

The same goes for your health and nutrition.  You would not eat dinner and feed the kids your scraps! So why do you think that is okay for you to do that to yourself? Moms, make sure that you fuel your body properly.  Along with that make sure that you provide yourself with the right vitamins each day so you can be the best mom you possibly can be! (psssst… Coffee does NOT count as a vitamin).  So if you are lacking in the food area at times, these are my top three MOM MUST HAVE supplements to keep your body it tip top performance shape.


This is important especially if you do not eat well some days to make sure you are getting the required nutrients each day and do not become deficient.  Vitamin deficiency can lead to sickness, weakness and exhaustion.  Plus this is a security blanket for me as a mom, when the stressful weeks hit and my food choices are not the best

*Note stay tuned- ATP is releasing a new formulation of TD multi soon!*

OMEGA 3 Fish Oil

Important for brain function, hormone regulation and to just keep you happy! Omega 3’s are SO important for all of us to take! I would take this every day for the rest 
of your life.  It helps keep your memory on point (mom brain anyone?) it decreases inflammation (sore joints as we get a little older- someone had to say it! lol) and it helps keep your immune system on point!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for anyone in North America, we do NOT get enough of this sunshine vitamin and this 
can help with your mood, hormones and keep you healthy and strong- especially in the winter months!



Okay that is my ultimate MOM stack and tips for you to staying on track with your health and fitness goals!

Share with me in the comments what YOU do to stay on track as a mom, when the going gets tough!

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