Let’s get serious for a minute.  In our day and age we struggle to fit everything into our hectic lives.  When attempting to eat healthy,  focusing on getting all our micronutrients can some times be left to last.  As a mom and athlete, I need to make sure that I am eating the right foods, in order to meet my vitamin and mineral needs, however it is struggle.

When I was a new mom breastfeeding my baby, my body was leaching all my nutrients to make sure baby was taken care of first.  And some days, I could feel it!

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But for those moms who don’t have a new baby, the story is not much different.  You may find yourself eating left overs off of the toddler plate, and taking time to make your own food that meets daily nutritional requirements can be a struggle.

Here are my MOM tips to making sure you are meeting your nutritional needs:

1) Add seeds (like chia & hemp) to any dish: salad, cereals, shakes

Benefits of Chia/Hemp SeedsNew-Image

 a) amazing source of fibre and protein

 b) balanced source of essential fatty acids (great for  your brain function- especially Moms- we need  this!)

 c) High in many vitamins and minerals


2. Use unsweetened nut milks

For added vitamin D, Calcium etc in your shakes or cereals

This is a quick and easy way to add in required vitamins to help with bone strength and overall immune support!

3. Have one big salad a day

Salads are delicious, especially when someone else makes them.  However with a few quick and easy prep-steps you can have a huge home made, healthy salad that will taste just like its from a restaurant (for 1/3 of the cost) and receive all the nutritional benefits

  • Prep a big tupperware of fresh lettuce
  • Place chopped veggies into individual ziplock baggies for each day to top salad with
  • Sprinkle on nuts, seeds and a healthy oil
  • Top with a boiled egg (boil 5 in advance so they are ready to go for the week)
  • Top with a dusting of Himalayan sea salt for added mineral benefits

4. Get moving

Although this seems to have nothing to do with the nutritional benefits you need from food, movement allows your blood to flow and for all the good stuff you eat to get to the places you need it the most.  It allows you to assimilate your nutrients, and most importantly it feels great!


5. Take a high quality multivitamin- but here are some important notes:


a) Let’s talk about quality.  Most multivitamins are full of fillers and basically CRAP.  SO you spend a little less, but receive no nutritional benefits.  Watch out for this first! Total defence can  be broken easily in your hand, thus will easily be digested.

b) IRON.

The major reason we need it is that it helps to transport oxygen throughout the body.  If you’re not getting sufficient oxygen in the body, you’re going to become fatigued.  Exhaustion can affect everything from your brain function to your immune system’s ability to fight off infections. If you’re pregnant, severe iron deficiency may increase your baby’s risk of being born too early, or smaller than normal.

It looks great when your multivitamin has iron in it, but it is NOT.  Having iron in a multi will affect your ability to absorb things like calcium.  So you should take your Iron alone, and away from other supplements.

Look at this major vitamin brand, there is iron right in it.  Which means that calcium women NEED will not be absorbed

If you look at the ingredients of ATP’s total defence, there is no iron added into the formula!

c)  Vitamin B12. This is an essential vitamin, and there are forms of this that are more bio-available.  The two types are

i) methyl – cobalamine (GOOD)

ii) cyanocobalamin (NOT GOOD)

You obviously want to take the one that will actually be absorbed into your body, and methyl-cobalmine is the B-12 that you will find in Total Defence.

d) Immune System

I think the reason this awesome vitamin is called Total Defence is not only because your covered for all your vitamin and mineral needs, but ALSO your immune function will be so much better.  I rarely ever get sick and I swear by a good quality multivitamin.  Total defence having numerous antioxidants in its recipe, is also why it is so beneficial.

Lets break it down

Nutritional needs met+ Body capable of functioning at optimal level = strong immune system

Therefor, YOU are better armed to fight off those flu and colds your kids bring home from the play ground.  This is the main reason why I loved adding in the ATP Total Defence multivitamin. Total defence is loaded with all of your essential vitamins and minerals, important digestive enzymes, an extensive organic fruit and vegetable blend and a large assortment of antioxidants to keep the immune system strong.  ATP’s Total Defence multi contains all of the essential elements I need in a multi to keep me energized, healthy and a Naturally Fit Mom.

Bottom line, take a high quality vitamin and make sure you do your research!




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