About a year ago my husband and I watched an amazing movie that went deep into the issues behind mass meat production. One of the issues I didn’t even realize as a consumer was the over use and consumption of corn products.
– Corn syrup
– Corn Fed beef

Just to list a few…

Then yesterday as I was browsing in my local grocery store I noticed this meat on the shelf

It reminded me of that movie and motivated me to write a small post on the difference between Grass Fed and Grain Fed Beef.

Here is a quick break down

Cows are meant to graze on grass, not grains

Thus when you feed them grains in access (i.e.. to fatten them up) you create a higher risk of infection (ecoli) and the farmers have to keep their cattle on Anti-biotics

Why this is an issue:

Have you heard of the super bug?  More humans today are becoming unresponsive to common antibiotics supplied by doctors.  The reason is because our dinner was fed the same dose of drugs.  And we get a small dose, in each meal.  Our body learns how to fight resist the antibiotic at a later time.  (This is why your DR always tells you to FINISH your medicine, even if you feel better).

Grains equal FAT (with a side of GH)

Not much different than all of us carb-fearing humans, the cows are not meant to be overdosed on grains.  When they are the result is a fattier meat, than a grass fed cow.

Why this is an issue:

When you as a consumer are looking for a lean cut of meat, the beef that has been confined and fed grains, is a fattier and higher cholesterol containing cow. Most of the time farmers pair growth hormones with the grains to double the size/meat per a cow.  This is just asking for problems in your own body system down the road, as you consume doses of antibiotics and growth hormones with each tasty bite! YUM! Chemical dinner!

I write this article for you to consider for your self if checking that your beef is not grain fed is important to you or not.  If you are interested here are a few more articles for you to check out with much more detail on the issues that arise when going Grain Over Grass!






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