When you spend a large portion of your time involved in sports, athletics or just keeping a lean and mean physique, your gym attire becomes part of whom you are.  It seems that there are a great selection of cute Nike outfits, nice jogging suits and elite training attire that are comfortable and attractive.

But the owner of fitmarkTM bags noticed the same could not be said about what we carry around with us all day until we hit the gym, the courts or the field.  Our gym bags tend to be rugged, ragged and …  a bottomless pit where everything gets lost.

You know the feeling when you’re basically pulling every last item out of your duffle bag just to find your other running shoe?

So why not create a line of gym bags that are attractive, efficient and practical.  However, these bags are not just another set of backpacks and duffle bags.  They are made with top of the line materials, hand dipped in unique colours and every last detail was thought of from the beautiful leather handles on the female carry bag to the shoe sack on the inside.



I was lucky enough to meet the great team from fitmarkTM, including the innovator himself, Mark Samuel.


After we had a few laughs and shared a couple of tweets over twitter, Mark explained to me his companies goal.

“We have a singular goal: to fill the void that exists between stylish, high performance athletes and their bags.”


He wants to see these bags when you walk into a Nordstrom’s store.  These bags are what athletes will be proud to carry around.

I found myself stopping at their booth more than once to dig deeper into a few of my favorite bags, below is my ultimate favorite! How could a girl NOT love this one?



I even brought a couple of my friends over to see the amazing bags!


They have just started to ship out bags, and from what it looks like, they even make sure your new bag will travel in style, right to your front door step!




For more information on these and other bags, check out their website:




We create bags that embody both fitness and fashion. That’s our passion, our sole purpose. We don’t make shoes or shirts. We don’t sell hats or supplements. We craft bags. Exclusive bags that seamlessly integrate form and function to reflect your lifestyle and your passions.