Each week on my blog I am going to feature some sort of workout/ fitness related post, for the Naturally Fit Mom #FitFriday

Today I wanted to talk about 10 tips to ensure you get in a workout at least 3-4 times a  week.

I know as a mom you are busy and that a workout feels like it is stealing a large part of your day that you need to or could be doing other things.  Here are 10 ways to either make it fun, or sneak in some fitness to keep your BODY and MIND happy!

1. TV Treadmill workout:  At the end of the day there is always a time when we want to crash and watch TV.  Put that TV near a treadmill and watch/walk away 30 minutes!

2. Mommy & Me Yoga: This is a great way to get out with your little one, and show them some unique ways to be active.  Signing up for Yoga, swimming or Parent and Tot classes get you  both out  and forces you to be involved.  Things like yoga and baby/tot classes are amazing for bonding time with you and your little one



  3. Stroller Workout:  This works best for little ones that are still in the stroller.  Go for a job and do sprints, hill lunges, hit the park and sprint away and back to the stroller (short distances), bench dips bring a blanket do sit ups!  The baby will love the time out and you get a great workout


4. Nap Time Chair workout: Squat, dip, mountain climbers all off the chair in your living room (can be done again during your favourite afternoon TV show during nap time.  Get your heart rate up with a quick jog on the spot between sets  http://www.parenting.com/gallery/10-minute-workout-routine

5. In home gym: This sounds like the most expensive of all the options, but if you can afford a few items from even your local Walmart (Mat, 10lb dumbells, a Kettle bell, skipping rope, core ball) you can PINTEREST some really cool workouts in under 20 minutes!

6. Kid Combo: Race, jump and out-skip your kiddies! Make the workout fun.  If your an at home mom, set up 4-8 stations (Skipping, box jumping, toe-touches, plank hold…) things that will be creative for them to want to try.  Either do the stations together (and let them win sometimes LOL) or rotate.




7. Baby Sling Workout: Lung, squat, walk, bicep curl. You can do it all while your little one enjoys a peacefully nap agains your chest!



8.  No Thought Workouts: Videos  Even with all the ideas you may not want to have to think about your workout.  Or you get bored easily.  The other option is to invest in an at home DVD system such as the 10minute trainer, Zumba or other fun videos you will want to or have time to do!

9. Gym Day Care: A lot of gyms now have very affordable daycare. Some large gyms have memberships for only $10 a month but for an extra $10 you can have unlimited day care.  If you as me, that is the BEST $20 dollars you could spend each month. You can workout, do a group class, hit the sauna and shower in peace



10. Get Social: Get a workout buddy.  Either another stay at home mom or after work friend to force you to get out or lock down a schedule for working out.  You are much more likely to do this when you commit to spend time with someone else.  And working out is much less painful when you can have a chat session with your besti at the same time (its scientifically proven, I swear LOL)

**Disclaimer** Working out is important for your cardiovascular and muscular health, but a nutritionally dense diet is equally or more important for your overall fitness and health. Make sure to pair both together!

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