I’m fighting the urge to want to diet”

Weird statement huh..

Everyone hates dieting.  No one wants their foods or calories restricted to a point that hunger pains and irritation are known to arise at any moment. But for me, dieting was a constant in my life for months at a time.  As I head into this off season, my coach, husband and I made a few ‘next step’ decisions.  One of which includes a long off season to GROW and EAT, heal, rest, recover and enjoy life.

That being said new foods and a larger portions of food has been introduced into my former tuna and asparagus life style.  I thought that I would capture some of my off season adventures on my blog, because one thing I notice is that athletes tend to blog the entire journey of the diet, but literally go into hibernation during the growing, resting or normal life days.  So here we go….

Embracing the OFF Season

I have to wrap my head around this off season, and it has actually taken me a few months to even just do this.  When I am surrounded by other athletes in the midst of their season, lean sculpted and in shape, I take a glance at my soft legs, extra round booty and the way my shoulders blend back in again.  It at times, is hard to accept that these areas which were once my pride and joy are hiding beneath what my coach calls the layer of fluff! LOL  I remember when I was in season and I was SO envious of someone who could just eat an apple.  I was excited at the thoughts sleeping in, eating normal foods, and not have to do extra cardio.  But now that its ME, I have to readjust my former diet main-brain. When I look at my meal plan, I just can’t imagine eating all the foods when for so long I was extremely restricted, now doing only a couple of cardio’s instead of my daily doubles.

Luckily for me, I have a lot of people that I have had the opportunity to talk with during this transition and I want to share some of their advice with you, or any of my fellow friends stepping into their own off season.

Don’t Worry about What others think:

You have to be comfortable in your own skin, and not worry what others think. Stop caring or assuming that they are wondering why your not as lean as you were a few months ago.  Those that know you and understand you, will not care.  The more you worry, the harder it will be for your to focus on the goal of getting stronger, bigger and making changes from your judges feedback

Embrace but don’t erase your shape:

Although you will be soft and a little rounder, don’t go so far off that you don’t even know your an athlete.  That will be not only hard on you mentally, but your joints will not be happy with that much excess weight.  Enjoy looking STRONG in your off season, and be patience while things change inside and underneath!

Keep your Balance:

Same as in the off season, balance in important.  Just because your not on a diet or if you are on a mass building diet, every calorie counts.  Try not to over eat, and then do crazy cardio to make up for it.  Chances are that you have minimal cardio in your off season, and if you over do it, the growing wont have a chance to happen.  Also remain an athlete.  This isnt a time to mope around, get lost in what happened last season, or lost in a crazy off season.  Balance your training, life and things you love!

There is a purpose to your process:

You are NOT trying to loose weight, win a competition or look a certain way.  Your process is much different.  And just as when you were in season focus on the purpose for your food, your training, your supplements and enjoy the process it takes to get there!

My Motivation: Canadian long jumper Kenen Shadd (and my brother in law) hoped to make it to the London Olympics despite enduring many injuries. After a recent surgery Kenen continues to train, knowing there is a purpose to every part of his journey!

There will be a reveal and you are doing this for a reason:

Know in your heart that you are doing this for a reason, and that there will be a day as in any sport, you will reveal all your HARD work!

Bobby Knight: “Everyone wants to win, but not everyone is willing to prepare to win.”

Most importantly make sure you enjoy this time.  Off season is a time to make changes and improvements.  But with minimal cardio and more opportunities for your relaxed nutrition enjoy your self, your family and friends.  The time you spend now enjoying yourself will make the ‘dieting’ season less difficult on yourself and those around you.
Night out with the ladies, embracing my off-season and practising the BALANCE!

xo MeliS’


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