First things first, FAT is your friend.

We need to make friends with fat again.  If you can remember in the 80’s there was a huge Low-Fat diet crazy (in fact, it still is around).  The problem is that our brains need fat, our bodies need fat.  

Good Fats

Fat is responsible for :

– Reducing inflammation

– Keeping you youthful (cell production)

– Regulating your hormones

– Protecting your nerve cells and assists with brain development

– It satisfies.  Most bingers/overeaters try and reduce their healthy fats and leads them to overeat by the end of the day


Your kids need fats, Brains NEED fat!

Never let anyone tell you that you should limit fats in your children’s diets.  The first thing to pull back off should be breads and crackers, but never fats! The problem is that most people just do not understand the difference between a GOOD and a BAD fat. 

What I like moms to think, in order to keep it easy, is say no to FAT in potato chips and fried crackers vs YES to Fat from organic butter, fish or nut/seed butters

Fat is an ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT meaning that our bodies do not produce it.  So if your child is not getting it via their diet it will impact their overall development .

Did you know?

Children with ADHD are more likely to show symptoms of low omega-3 levels

Some children with reading difficulties have shown major improvement in their reading after taking fish oil


Benefits of FAT in a childs’ diet:

DHA (found in fish fats) is essential for brain development

Children have a stronger immune system if they eat a diet high in good quality fats 

During the critical time for young eyes to develop, fat is important because it is vital for vision 



There are different types of fats:

You may be familiar to DHA, ALA, EPA, omega3, omega6, but do you know what they mean?

Omega3 contain these types of fats         Omega6 contains LA (Linoleic acid)and is found in oils

ALA (usually plant source of fats like flax seeds BUT it is important to know it does not turn into DHA in the body which is what your child needs)
EPA (responsible for heart health)
DHA (responsible for nerve cells, development and function of human brain, skin, retina!) 


Naturally Fit Mom RecommendationKids eating eggsTypes of FATS that you probably can get your kids to eat:

Nuts/seeds (or make a granola bar with a nuts and seeds including hemp and chia)

Chia Seed Pudding

Oils on foods (stir fry beans with coconut oil and sea salt)

Home made Halibut Fish Sticks breaded with coconut shreds

Butter/smashed avocado on toast


Your kids don’t eat fish? Mine neither!

Chances are that your kids are not begging for fatty fish at dinner time.  The reality is most kids do not get enough of this essential DHA in their diets.  Which is show to effect their brain development

(FACT: Fish sticks or a canned tuna do not provide the essential Omega-3 required)

The quality counts:

The fish you are looking for in a Fish Oil supplement should be a small fish.  The larger fish are prone to more mercury, increased toxins/contamination  because of the size and amount they ingest while in the water. This is one of the main reasons why we only use the ATP Labs Omega 3 in our home!  Along with this, Im sure you can all agree if you have tried fish oil with your kids is they can smell and TASTE gross.  Which is why you want to make sure that the fish oil you chose has a high level of antioxidants build right into the product.  This will increase the shelf life, but also keep the product from tasting or smelling bad and you can say good-bye to the “Fish-Oil Burps”!!

As a mom, the one thing that I made sure I took in pregnancy and the one thing I started my babies on at 6 months was always fish oil.  


Mom tips:

Do not feed young children nuts and seeds (choking hazard)

Spread nut butters very thin (it can dangerous in a little mouth when the but nutter and bread sticks to the roof of their mouth)

Use a fish oil that is made from smaller fish and has a great flavour like bubble gum

Mix the fish oil with a juice in a small glass

Stay away from fats in margarine, those are NOT good fats!

Add avocado to smoothies, smash on toast, or make into a pudding with honey and cacao YUM!


Naturally Fit Mom Recommendation

Most moms will come to be and ask what type of fish oil we use in our home.  Currently we use the ATP Children fish Oil, the reason is because they include DHA from small fish in their oil in the highest concentrations  while adding in vitamins A, & D which are essential for immune system regulation.  You cannot ask for more!  All that, and it is in a yummy Cherry Pineapple flavour that my kiddies actually love!

ATP Omega Blast







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