Today was one of those days where I could have lost my last wit.  Because of the time change, Zion has be having a little tough time adjusting and waking up with enough time for us to get to the gym for my first session.  That’s fine, the issue today was when we were REALLY cutting it close, I couldn’t seem to unlock our car doors.  I fidgeted with the auto lock a few times, and assumed the batteries were dead on it.  I shrugged my shoulders and manually unlocked the car.  As I crawled into the front seat and attempted to start the car, I realized it was actually the CAR that was dead!
OMG here we go.
We ran back upstairs to brainstorm on the next move to make sure I at least got to my workout with Mike on time. SO last resort, deal with the car after and order a cab.  First company I call, has a $20 min! WTH.  Then next has a 20 minute wait! wowza.. deep breath Melissa.  Finally a company says they can be there in 10 minutes.
So I go to the gym.
This is one of those days I NEEDED a trainer.  I basically didn’t want to do anything for the rest of the day.

But it was like from that moment on, a silent prayer and trust in remaining calm and in faith, the day slowly picked up.
I had a killer back workout and again perfected a few techniques.  By chance I worked out with a close friend of Mikes, who was able to jump start my carm score 1!  The cool part was, that I had to rush my own cardio and was going to deal with it later, but he decided to do some cardio before we left, so i got my full work out in, score 2! I drove the car over to Auto Town and the guy there told me I needed a ‘special batter’ meaning EXPENSIVE, but he didn’t look at my car or anything.  He just said he didnt have it, so go to another location.  I listened to the muffled directions meanwhile as Zion screamed and kicked for every dirty car lovers item in that store.  And I had to keep the Calm Mom face, while squeezing my BamBam strong toddler in my arms.  (any one notice how tempered toddlers are squishy like butter, in the exact moment your trying to hold on them?)
So, now Im going to another town for a battery. We rush out of the car and I silently pray and have a mom to son conversation with Zion asking him to keep his cool in this store, lol… he said “Yes Mommy”. (hope full wishing, I know).
So this gentleman, much nicer and much more patient with me, took a minute to look under my hood and said, “I have one of these here, and no you don’t need the expensive one” SCORE 3!!!!

These are the moments when I say to myself, God works in funny, unique and amazing ways and moments.

After a quick battery change, we went back home to Zion asking to nap.. which lasted a blissful 3+ hours, and ended in a great run outside in the beautiful weather, and then coming home to a former athlete of mine posting this about me.  She apparently found that there is a PIN on Pinterest of me.

 Seriously, I dont think I can put into words the BREATH of mine that was taken away, and how humbled I was to see this post from her.  Im still in shock.  That all being said, what started as an unruly and what appeared to be a detrimental start to my day, ended in such an awesome way.

Lesson of the day: STAY POSITIVE, you never know who is or what is going to cross your path!

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