In a world dominated by social media, we see daily words of inspiration, motivational quotes and status updates from people we know or don’t know, and it appears that they are on top of the world, rocking every day like its their last and face no trials or tribulations.


Yes, there are days those “motivated” people don’t want to get out of bed and be amazing.  They want to curl up, have someone bring them a greasy breakfast and watch old sit-coms.  There are days that their workouts are not “Personal Bests”, and they leave the gym feeling defeated.  There are days their children aren’t perfect, and their husbands or wives didn’t shine like the star that they are made out to be to the rest of the world.

Social media is a scary thing, because it can leave people thinking that they are not as good as some one else, or lead to pangs of jealousy if their lives don’t match up.  They can feel that they struggle in motivating them selves and they just have to settle with the cards they think they were dealt.

Here is the truth, the difference between people who makes these posts, and those who struggle internally is that you have to be able to shake off your bad days.  Some times those motivating pictures, words or verses are to keep them selves on their own visionary path.  Some time they are to help others, because they remember a time when it was hard for them to finish their own goals.



So remind yourself, when you are in a slump.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it matters how many times you GET UP, and keep going”

Here are a few times to help you get out of a un-motivated moment:

RECAP YOUR GOALS: Remind yourself why you are doing the things you are doing, and not settling for less.  Rewrite your goals on a paper and carry it around with you in your purse or wallet.  Pull it out and review when you are in a down moment

GOOGLE: look up motivating pictures of your goals, whether in be a dream home, dream body, dream car, dream job. What ever it is, look up visual images that will ignite a fire in your eyes and mind of what you are hungry for


TALK ABOUT IT:  Talk to a close friend who will pick you back up.  Don’t put yourself down the whole time though, just ask for a few motivating words.  Or just surround yourself with other positive people who will help you remember what you are setting out to do, and BELIEVE IN YOU

BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF:  No one else can tell your brain that you can do some thing, and negative talk with only set you back.   Do not sell yourself short.  There is a struggle to everyones journey.  Keep a journal if that helps, so you can go over just how far you have come!

REWARD YOURSELF: Pamper yourself when you achieve a small or large portion of your goal.  Something that wont set you back, or leave you feeling guilty. Take a night off and watch a movie with your friends. Have company over and BBQ up a clean meal for them and enjoy their company and laughter, have a spa day. What ever you do, make sure your brain knows you are doing good things and you are proud of your self!