My brother in law is training for the 2016 Olympics, to compete in Track and Field for team Canada.  One day he was out walking his dog and got into conversation with a man.  They went on to talk for quite a time, and near the end the man said to him a statement that for ever changed his life.

“there is a purpose for the process”

My best friend is an international fitness athlete, and after a year and a half off, to make changes to her physique and routine and deal with a nagging shoulder injury, in an interview she said the biggest change she made during this off season and prep was to :

“focus on the process”



What is with the PROCESS?

Definition: proc·ess1
  1. a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.
If we take a moment to look at the meaning behind process, it makes sense that the focus should be there, during the attempt to achieve anything valuable in life.  If you want to become a teacher, you need to focus on school.  If you want to loose 10 lbs you need to focus on eating properly and working out.  If you want to compete at a high level, you need to focus on the hours you spend training, and re-training your mind and body to face the athletic challenge. If you want to start a business, you need to make a business plan, find financial support, create a website, learn to do accounting, and how to attract your target market.  There is a process for everything.
But what do we focus on? —–>>> The end result!
It appears however we reside in a society where we wikipedia for answers, we take pills for ‘instant’ results, we short cut when we can and change the channel when we are board.  We have little to no patience any more, and in that we also lack respect for the process that it takes to achieve greatness.
Its as if social media flashes in front of us before and after shots of everything we want to achieve in our own lives, and the middle chunk is missing.  The middle is the process.
“Its not the glamorous picture you finish with, its all the other little things that make it happen.”
Here is a video, showing just that.  Kenen Shadd, international track athlete, and this is his life day in and day out.  Family, training, nutrition, track, repeat.  His process is primary.  
The Process Sets You Apart:
If you intend of achieving something you will need to set you a plan.  Create a process on how you will proceed between point A to B to C…
Focus on completing each part, giving 100% of your effort.  There is no half days, or days off.  If your not doing something to help you achieve the end result, then you have lost focus.  Even if its visualization, creating a vision board, resting, journaling.  These are all things that keep your eye on the prize.
Do NOT get side tracked.  We are a world of 10 second commercials.  On YouTube you have to watch a mini commercial before your actual video.  However, how many of you SKIP as soon as you get that option. Life does not work that way.  You cannot SKIP practise. You cannot SKIP cardio.  You cannot SKIP parenting your child, and hope that the end result will be the same as if you put in the TIME, EFFORT and PATIENCE required to achieve greatness.
Remind yourself daily there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  This all can be, and will be exhausting.  Mentally, physically, emotionally… Remind yourself there is a light, and embrace it.  Celebrate small victories. Share with others your achievements.  It will be gruelling, it will be tiring.  Staying up all night with a teething baby is exhausting, but those cute little teeth that now allow them to chew and eat is all worth that PROCESS in the end.
This applies to near everything in life.  Make your process your passion…

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