Our son turned 4, and requested a Planes Theme party.

Planes was the first movie he ever saw in a theatre, and he instantly fell in love. *Note if you have not heard yet…#2 is out in theatres this summer!*

Last year we did a Lightening MacQueen Theme (see here for pictures). And since Disney came out with the Planes movie, our home has been buzzing with Cars and Planes everywhere.

Here was our special Planes Theme Birthday Party!

At the entrance, each little one got to pick up their own PASSPORT. As the party proceeded, I had 5 spots on the passport for a sticker.  When they played a game or ate their lunch, they received a sticker, and at the end they could pick up their treat bag if they had a full passport!

The kiddies loved this, and were always making sure they got their sticker (lol even some of the parents were really into this!)


Pin the Propeller on the Plane:

Each little received a special propeller that they had to colour in.  Once it was coloured in,  they got a sticker!

Then we all gathered around Dusty the Crop Duster, to see who could get their propellor the closest!


Plane Flying:

With large black bristol board I made a tarmac, and used yellow tape for lines.  Each of the littles had a change to build their own plane, and they fly it down! The furthest landing plan won!



Food Time!


The basic decor for the food table was from Toys R Us (ie. Cutlery, plates, cups and table cover)


On board menu:

1. In Flight Meal

2. Jello Fuel

3. Dusty Frield Corn

4. Propeller Pops


This was home made caramel pop corn in signature PLANES cups
This was inspired by your typical inflight meal, you get on a plane! For the kiddies I made:
PB&J Plane shaped sandwiches
Orange Juice
Bagged Pretzels
This was just orange JELLO that I set in small cups the night before
These were marshmallows we stuck with chocolate sticks, and dipped in theme colour (orange/sky blue). I then made fondant propellers and stuck little candy eyes for the centre.


If you know me by now, you know I have been learning to do special fondant cakes!  This one was much easier and much less time to do, than my first cake.  I looked up online a few ideas, and came up with this mix of them all.


Disney Planes themed birthday Cake


“Please make sure you take all your belongings as you exit the plane….”

Each little received a special baggie with treats and stickers inside!

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