When I was journalling last night, I thought about myself about 5 years ago.

I was in love with training, fitness, competitions… eating asparagus. (STOP IT, that last one is a lie, lol )


I had a false sense of success when I ate clean every day, and did endless hours of cardio a week.

The other side of that however, was a sense of failure when I would eat a piece of chocolate, or miss my cardio or enjoy dinner out with my family.


For most of us, when we ‘fail’ on our diet, these sort of thoughts pop up:

  • I will try harder tomorrow
  • Plan B
  • I will make up for it this week
  • I am a failure, Im never going to be as in shape as I was before kids
  • Might as well finish the chocolate bar, because tomorrow I have green beans on the menu
  • WHY can I NOT do this?
  • I’m not focused enough, I have to start over

These negative thoughts painted my path for years… even after I had children and was done with competing in fitness competitions, and in my time working with moms– I know these are all common thoughts in most of our minds.

“Science shows that diets DON’T WORK” Dr. Layne Norton

There is not a single diet out there, that does not end up with a rebound, a failure, a struggle.  Because at some point, sooner or later, you need to come off your diet.



What I have learned over the last two years, is it is consistency that matters.

Even after what I have been able to accomplish with my new stance on nutrition, health, training etc, I fall, and I can fall hard!  I am human!  I can give up in the moment, not want to count my macros, and make every excuse in the book.  Especially as a new mom (to THREE KIDS now) again! 



Old thoughts came back into our heads if we have a bad week 

You may want to do MORE cardio  

You may want to eat less or convince yourself to  go back to clean foods and strict eating



Tell yourself to STOP and stick to consistency 

The point Im trying to make here, is look at the bigger picture.  Even with one FULL WEEK off, if you are consistent the rest of the month, you still performed at 75%.  If you took a whole month off because of some life situation, at the end of the year, you still performed at 92%!

Learning to be patient, not giving up and working hard CONSISTENTLY will get you the results.

One thing I always parallel my lessons to is being a mom.  As a mom, I teach my child every day to not give up, try hard, stay focus, be positive.  And if he came home after three back hockey games, I would never say, “Meh just give up!”

This is what I try to consistently remind myself, when setting my own goals….

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