Being a mom of a baby, and a pre-schooler I can understand the fear and anxiety as you pick up your little one from school, and you see all the noses and mouths with snot oozing from them.  Hear the coughing and hacking and look down at your new baby and know in your heart it is only a matter of time, until they catch what ever your preschooler is bringing home.

I understand how hard it is to watch a little baby fight off those colds and flus in the deep of the winter.

So what if you had a prevention plan, to help keep both of their immune systems strong, and hopefully keep the colds and flus to a minimum.

As a mommy I also understand, that we want to make sure what we give our kids is SAFE.  A lot of times we ask our doctors, and they only recommend the vaccinations or flu shot. Which I agree with 100%.  We cannot expect our doctors to know a ton about nutrition though, they are not specialized in that.

There are natural immune boosting, brain boosting, digestive system boosting steps you can take to create a healthy and happy home. Below I have put some recommendations for homes with a baby and toddler.

I have also done the research for you and provided links to studies and resources so you can trust what you are giving your babes.

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Fish Oil:Omega3L-produits

  • Immune strength
  • Brain power 



atp-labs-D3-oral-spray-products3Vitamin D

  • Increases immunity
  • Important for everyone to take no matter age
  • Vitamin D levels, dip in the dark winter months



florababyProbioticsUnknown 11.48.49 AM

  • Help to fight off virus
  • Increases immune function
  • Improves gut flora, helps with good bugs in intestines



  • Help when we miss essential vitamins/minerals in daily rush
  • Increase immunity because you are meeting your daily requirements of nutrition 

*Please check bottle for accurate dose according to age






Deep Immune:

  • This is based off the herb astragalus 
  • Known to help fight off a virus upon entering the system
  • For ages 2 and older




Mix everything in a medicine cup and add a little juice

For younger babies try droppers you can get at any Natural Health store

Add powdered probiotics and fish oil to cold baby food

Spray Vitamin D on baby finger and have baby suck on it, or on their own figure and put it to their mouth. (they will eventually do it themselves when you spray it on their finger)


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